Ringwood Kitchen Renovation

This lovely couple worked with us on their Ringwood kitchen renovation. Wanting a modern revamp on an old space was the ideal outcome. This property sits in the heart of Ringwood and the space was originally a galley kitchen. Wanting to save money it was decided to use the same footprint. Keeping the kitchen sink in it’s original position and adding a larger one meant the couple could still look outside when washing up. The old oven was small so a larger oven with overhead was designed in its pace. The clients first visited Zesta Kitchens Nunawading to assess our products and immediately fell in love with the black Hampton style kitchen. The Showroom team worked with them to assist choosing modern products like the brass handles to complement their modern renovation. This kitchen is an example of a moody transformation in a light filled space. When Paul designed the Read More

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Kitchen Renovation Tips: Maximize Storage Space in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a space where the family gathers to celebrate, reconnect, and relax. That’s why so many people devote time, energy and money to transforming their kitchen into something that works better for them. But kitchens can be frustrating, too. It seems like you always need one more drawer, shelf, or cabinet. It's as if the kitchen is destined to feel cluttered. The good news is that this is not a law of nature. It's a result of poor kitchen design for maximising storage space. This guide will help you put together your kitchen renovation.    Redesign the Kitchen or Extend the Layout   When you are working on a kitchen renovation, you want to be sure the design fits your storage needs. If you have the space, consider extending the footprint of your kitchen and adding more cabinets. This will increase the overall storage space available. Alternatively, a Read More

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Ringwood North Kitchen Renovation

The owners of this beautiful Ringwood North home were seeking a modern kitchen transformation. They wanted a stylish user-friendly space that the whole family could use. The clients first discovered Zesta Kitchens when they were visiting neighbours. The neighbours had used Zesta for their kitchen renovation and they were able to view the quality and experience. They say word of mouth is always the best referral so they headed off to the Nunawading Showroom. The Team and Paul (Designer), worked diligently to assist the clients in choosing modern products that would satisfy. Here is an example how colour can transform a kitchen to a light filled space. The importance of the 3D design highlighted the different options. This was integral for a satisfied visual result. The final choice of streamlined cabinetry provides the modern touch and blends with the rest of the home. The feature overheads Mondo Rural Oak, creates Read More

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Templestowe Kitchen Renovation

Like many homes in the North East of Melbourne, this Templestowe gem was ripe for renovation. Like many older homes, this kitchen was functional but in desperate need of modernisation. As a long, narrow space, the design needed to be carefully considered to maximise usability. There was a distinct lack of storage that needed to be addressed. Initially, the client indicated that they would like to build a butler’s pantry to allow easy clean-up and storage. However, based on the size and shape of the kitchen area, Paul (our Nunawading Designer) advised against this, noting it would close off the room. An extra wall would also need to be built, further restricting the area and eating into valuable floor space. As an alternative, Paul suggested embracing the length of the space with a traditional galley-style design. This would help maintain the open feel the client was after while still providing Read More

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Kitchen Appliances Colour Trends

When planning a kitchen colour scheme, most people carefully consider their choice of paint, tile, and cabinetry. Some will also think about the materials they will use for their benchtop, tapware, and sink. However, few think about the finish of a major feature of their kitchen design – their appliances. Given that not that long ago, appliances only came in a few colours, this is completely understandable. Most people defaulted to whatever finish was available and only really cared about the colour of their appliances being consistent. However, with a wide range of tones and finishes now available, people are starting to be more selective. This has led to a range of trends emerging. Specifically, we’ve recently seen increased interest in the following appliance colours - both small and large appliances. The sleek sophistication of black stainless steel Stainless steel has been a staple for kitchen appliances for decades. In Read More

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Croydon Kitchen Renovation

  This Croydon home before renovation was an example of the pine timber kitchens that became ever popular in the 90’s. Although built solidly, the kitchen looks dark and dated and the use of open shelving leaves the appliances exposed looking cluttered in the space. It’s not surprising when the client’s first purchased this stunning home it was one of the areas that they quickly dived in to renovate. Once Paul, Nunawading Designer visited the clients in their home he could immediately understand the desire for renovation. Such a large, open plan however there were a few elements the clients wanted to rectify in the new design. Firstly, the layout although open displayed an unsightly support wall which interrupted the flow through the kitchen space. Also, the space between the island bench and the walls was narrow not ideal for the flow through to the adjacent laundry. Secondly, hiding the Read More

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Are Kitchen Islands Still in Style?

As our culinary tastes have evolved over the last few decades, so has our taste in kitchen designs. Features that were once popular are now clear signs of an outdated space. Even how we use our kitchen has evolved to have a much greater focus on entertaining and being together.  The constant ebb and flow of kitchen trends can make designing a timeless space seem really tricky. While you want your kitchen to be stylish, you don’t want to blow your budget on features that will date. This could make investing in a large statement fitting – like a kitchen island – seem risky.  But you really shouldn’t worry about splurging on a designer island bench. They are a staple of modern kitchen design and won’t be going out of style anytime soon.    Why are kitchen islands so popular?    In many ways, a kitchen island is the perfect Read More

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The Block Laundries: Winners & Losers

Once again, we were glued to our TVs during Hall and Laundry week, checking out the latest offerings from the teams on The Block. This time, they turned their hand to our second favourite room in the house – the laundry. Unfortunately, as it was a multi-room reveal (each team also had to present their hallway and powder room to the judges), less time was devoted to each laundry than we would have liked. However, we still managed to get a reasonable look at each team’s space and have a few thoughts. But, before we get into those, we want to touch on an important point – functionality. In some ways, the laundry is the most practical room in a house. It has a clear purpose and, no matter how well designed or ‘beautiful’ it is, most people will not want to spend any more time than they have to Read More

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Moving vs Renovating in a Rising Housing Market

Is your home beginning to feel a little tight? If you’re like many, the idea of shopping around for a larger home is the initial response. But what if we were to tell you that it may not be the best decision for you and your family? Year after year, housing prices continue to rise across all of Australia. While this may have you seeing dollar signs when thinking about selling your own home, consider the fact that purchasing a new home could also cost you more and may result in you losing money in the end. But then there’s the planning and the mess that traditionally comes with renovations. Unusable spaces, dust, and strangers in the home are all reasons why people forego renovating their home, especially in high traffic areas like the kitchen. In this post, we’re going to explore when it’s a good time to shop for Read More

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Kitchen Finishes: A Look at Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

In the past, laminate cabinetry has had a bad reputation, and with good reason: it used to be an inferior product. But today’s modern laminate kitchen cabinets are one of the best options for modern kitchens due to their durability.   They’re arguably even more sleek and stylish than wooden cabinetry, providing homeowners with countless options in terms of colour, style, and design. This type of cabinetry is constructed using a man-made synthetic film of material that is bonded to the outer surface of the cabinet door. From gloss and low gloss to matte, homeowners have a plethora of options, making it possible for you to build the kitchen you have always dreamed of.   An Attractive Option for Your Space Wood cabinets are the first consideration for many because wood is a timeless go-to. Innovative designs have led to a number of developments for laminated cabinetry, however, with many cabinet Read More

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