When planning a kitchen colour scheme, most people carefully consider their choice of paint, tile, and cabinetry. Some will also think about the materials they will use for their benchtop, tapware, and sink. However, few think about the finish of a major feature of their kitchen design – their appliances.

Given that not that long ago, appliances only came in a few colours, this is completely understandable. Most people defaulted to whatever finish was available and only really cared about the colour of their appliances being consistent. However, with a wide range of tones and finishes now available, people are starting to be more selective.

This has led to a range of trends emerging. Specifically, we’ve recently seen increased interest in the following appliance colours – both small and large appliances.

The sleek sophistication of black stainless steel

Stainless steel has been a staple for kitchen appliances for decades. In addition to being widely available, it’s flexible and works with many popular kitchen design styles. Most stainless steel products are smudge – and stain-resistant, which is critical in the kitchen.

However, some find regular stainless steel to be too cold and clinical. Enter black stainless steel!

In addition to all the standard benefits of stainless steel, black stainless steel brings warmth to a design. As such, it can be used with a wider range of colour schemes, either as a complement or to provide contrast. It also works especially well with darker tones, which are particularly popular at the moment.

It’s worth noting that there are different approaches to creating a black stainless steel finish. As such, the colour can vary slightly between manufacturers. So if you want your appliances to match, it’s best to make sure they’re all the same brand.

Also, some black stainless steel is just regular stainless steel with a special coating. This means that it can be prone to scratching. If this is going to be an issue, choose a brand that provides a scratch-resistant black stainless steel finish.

The cool refinement of icy white

After a few years in the design wilderness, white appliances are well and truly back. No longer seen as basic or dated, many manufacturers have started producing ‘designer white’ ranges.

As the ultimate neutral, white truly goes with everything. Choose white to add contrast or make a feature of your appliances within a darker colour scheme. Alternatively, help accentuate a bolder colour scheme by using white appliances as visual relief. You can even fully embrace the refinement of the colour with an all-white kitchen.

The one downside of white appliances is that they tend to show any dirt and marks. This means that you will need to regularly wipe them down to keep them looking their best.

Need help choosing your appliance colour scheme?

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