This stylish Epicure look will appeal to those who love that touch of sophistication

white gloss melbourne kitchen


white kitchen slide out bins


The elegance and simplicity of this finish makes the Epicure suitable for any lifestyle and setting in any home in Melbourne.

Not only does the kitchen always looks fresh and clean, providing an instant lift, it also provides the traditional recessed panel to create the timeless feel.

This stylish Epicure look will appeal to those who love that touch of sophistication and is one the most popular choices for many kitchen buyers.

The Epicure range is made from solid vacuum formed doors to last a long time whilst providing the ease of easy cleaning.  This is important when the kitchen is the most used area of the home with lots of spills and splashes.

This style of kitchen is also available in gloss as displayed below but is not a normal standard range and so will take a little longer for making and delivery – what a great timeless classic!

So if you are just starting out either renovating or building a new home in Melbourne you can achieve this sophistication and create warmth in the heart of your home.

How much does a new kitchen cost?

Total: $ *

*Prices quoted are a guide only, based on the options selected in the kitchen calculator tool on current prices. Trades and Appliances are not included in the estimates. Trades vary considerably from $1,800 for basic installation to $9,800 for full trades.



The timeless appeal of elegant kitchens

Simplicity, quality, and refinement are the hallmarks of true elegance. They are also what gives our Epicure range its sense of timeless sophistication. From the classic recessed panel to the clean finish, this design is the perfect marriage of traditional charm and contemporary polish.

There is a good reason such traditional kitchen designs continue to appeal – they simply never go out of style. And this is because classically elegant kitchens are about much more than simply looking great. They provide a high level of comfort and warmth and create a real sense of “home”.

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Secrets for styling a sophisticated kitchen

While our Epicure range is the perfect base for an elegant kitchen design, the right styling really completes the look. In fact, smart styling choices can add a touch of sophistication to any of our kitchen styles.

Over our years we’ve learnt a few tricks to styling a sophisticated kitchen space. This includes:

  • Keeping the colour palette clean, but warm
  • Choosing hardware in classic colours and shapes
  • Embracing the look of traditional materials, like brass and stone
  • Layering with natural elements, like greenery and fresh produce

Want to create your own elegant kitchen?

If you’re planning a kitchen update and want to add a touch of elegance to the space we can help. We can work with you to develop a design that suits you, your home, your taste, and your budget. We can also help you make sure your new kitchen design will work with how you want to live.