Like many homes in the North East of Melbourne, this Templestowe gem was ripe for renovation.

Like many older homes, this kitchen was functional but in desperate need of modernisation. As a long, narrow space, the design needed to be carefully considered to maximise usability. There was a distinct lack of storage that needed to be addressed.

Initially, the client indicated that they would like to build a butler’s pantry to allow easy clean-up and storage. However, based on the size and shape of the kitchen area, Paul (our Nunawading Designer) advised against this, noting it would close off the room. An extra wall would also need to be built, further restricting the area and eating into valuable floor space.

As an alternative, Paul suggested embracing the length of the space with a traditional galley-style design. This would help maintain the open feel the client was after while still providing plenty of storage.

Paul also recommended including a large pantry at the end of the kitchen, hidden behind four bi-fold doors. Not only would this add extra storage space, but it would also provide a similar level of privacy as a butler’s pantry without impacting the kitchen’s flow.

A peninsula bench was added to the design to increase the overall functionality of the area. This, combined with the long bench running along the external wall, provides plenty of preparation and serving space. It also means that the client can easily engage with the adjoining dining area while working in the kitchen.

As is often the case, colour was a major consideration for this project. The client was able to play around with a few options and see what each would actually look like using our 3D design software. The final choice of Hampton Strata Grey cabinetry provides plenty of depth and perfectly blends with the rest of the home.

This is complemented by the classic lines of the cabinetry, creating a sense of timeless sophistication.

Templestowe Kitchen Renovation

Pairing this with YDL Kalala Shan benchtops help keep the design clean and the lines crisp. With the colour of the cabinetry picked up in the grain of the stone, the whole look feels beautifully complementary and very well-resolved.

Templestowe Kitchen Renovation

The choice of chrome fittings further adds to the feeling of elegance, and the shell handles really fit the ‘contemporary classic’ vibe. The design also features a range of drawers and other creative storage solutions, all using Hettich hinges and runners.

, Templestowe Kitchen Renovation

When the client was asked about her favourite part of the renovation, she was quick to highlight the overall flow. As a keen entertainer, she says the ample bench space is invaluable and allows her to prepare and present food at the same time. She also really appreciates the amount of storage that was able to be included and the openness of the space.

This Templestowe Kitchen Renovation is now the definition of thoughtful design and classic style. The project is a great example of the importance of understanding what a client is really after. It also demonstrates the enormous difference an experienced designer can make, challenging preconceived notions and coming up with creative alternatives.

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