Designing a new kitchen? Roadblocks are common, but knowing a few things before you start will make the planning and building process go a lot more smoothly.

In a recent post, we shared some of the things that we wish our clients new about kitchen design, and we know our readers have found them really helpful. So, to take this theme further, here are four more for you to consider:


1. Don’t base your renovation on reality TV shows – they are not real life!

Despite knowing that what we see on television is likely more fake than real, home remodelling shows have homeowners across the globe trusting that what they see and hear on their TV is more fact than fiction.

The brutal truth is that these shows are not even close to being realistic, especially when it comes to cost. Keep in mind that many companies provide goods at a fraction of the cost to help them get the most from their sponsorship so it’s not a realistic budget for the average person and that many of the tradespeople work for free to increase their exposure and attract new clients.

Before starting your kitchen project, look into the cost of materials and labour in your area. When working with your budget, don’t compromise the quality of the job by using inferior materials or hiring under qualified tradespeople to do the job. Cheapest is not always the best in the long run!


2. Don’t put drawers under a cooktop – the top drawer has to be shallow.

A drawer directly beneath a cooktop may seem like a great kitchen design idea. But both gas and electric cooktops require a certain amount of clearance beneath them (and this varies by model).

There are some additional issues which must be considered, such as the drawers, cabinets, and benchtops being able to withstand a certain amount of heat (typically over 90C or 200F), and any items kept in the drawer below the cooktop cannot be combustible (this includes items like flour, sugar, and garlic).


3. Don’t rely on kitchen advice from a friend or family member – use a professional Kitchen Designer.

Friends and family have good intentions when sharing kitchen design advice. But nothing beats the expert knowledge of a trained and experienced Kitchen Designer.

There are a lot of benefits to working with a Kitchen Designer, such as:

  • You’ll save money. Your designer can suggest less costly yet equally durable and beautiful alternatives as well as protect you from making expensive kitchen design mistakes.
  • You’ll save yourself a lot of time. Designers will put together the most relevant photos and samples for you to view based on your lifestyle, tastes, and interests.
  • You’ll stay on budget. Part of a designer’s job is to ensure that you get what you want and at a price you can afford.
  • You’ll get what you want. Your designer will help you narrow down your choices so that you’re left with a kitchen that works for you and your family and looks amazing as well.


4. Consider stone or laminates. They are a cost-effective option and fit for purpose.

Ignore the hype about what others think is the best material to use for your kitchen, and take some time to consider alternatives that are kinder on the wallet and that can produce a striking aesthetic appeal while also being long-lasting.

Two of our favourites are stone and laminate. Laminate is the most cost-effective option, and it can be found in a dizzying array of colours and patterns (don’t worry, though – your Kitchen Designer will help you navigate the selection in order to make the best choice possible!).

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