A beautiful kitchen is a dream, but at its core, it has to be functional. Not only can a poorly designed kitchen lead to many daily frustrations, but it can waste loads of time and cause costly mishaps.

The most common cause behind a badly designed kitchen is its layout. Placement of cabinets, drawers, and the type of storage you have (and where) will all have a major impact on how well you’re able to use this space. If you’re in the throes of designing a new kitchen or considering renovating your kitchen in future, here are some tips on how to improve the functionality of what is known as being the heart of every home.


Plan Properly for Corners

Corners can arguably be one of the most awkward – and thus the most underutilised – spaces in a kitchen. While you may think that cabinets won’t fit the bill, these days there are a lot more options to make corner cabinets more functional.

One answer: lazy susans for the bottom cabinets and overhead shelving for top cabinets.

Lazy susans make reaching items in dead corners 100% easier. Consider investing in one. It’s well worth it. You will love not having to pull things out to find those hidden items at the back of the cupboard.

Shelving can also be great for everyday kitchen items like matching bowls, plates and cups.

Consider an Island

If you have space, the kitchen island will serve many purposes over the years:

  • It’s a spot to prepare meals
  • It’s an area for homework or career tasks
  • It’s a place to share stories with loved ones

Island kitchens are incredibly diverse. Many are simply benchtop space some storage (which everyone can appreciate!). Others may include features like sinks and cooktops.

If your kitchen has room for it, consider the island. Alternatively, an L-shaped or tighter U-shaped kitchen can be designed to provide the same benefits a kitchen island will provide.


Consider Alternative Storage Options

Cabinets, drawers, and shelves are important elements of a functional kitchen. But have you explored your options for each of these in greater depth?

There are so many new and exciting storage options available for kitchens today, including a multi-tiered slide-up option that discreetly hides seldom-used kitchen items like toasters, kettles, and cooking dishes in your kitchen rather than forcing you to keep them on your benchtop. For more information on your storage options, we invite you to speak to a Melbourne Kitchen Designer here at Zesta Kitchens.


Free In-Home Melbourne Kitchen Design Consultations

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We’re passionate about gorgeous kitchens and want you to be completely satisfied. Whether or not you choose Zesta Kitchens for your new kitchen, we’ll be happy to help give you design tips and ideas on how you can build your dream kitchen.

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