Kitchen colour trends come and go, but the white kitchen always reigns supreme. From the floors to drawers and upper cabinetry, white continues to enjoy top ranking as being the most preferred overall colour for a kitchen in Melbourne.

  1. White adds brightness to your space

No other colour will reflect light as well as white. This is often why you find white cabinetry, splashbacks and benchtops in kitchens.

  1. White gives kitchens that “clean” feel

White is the colour of cleanliness. Having a glowing white kitchen instantly gives it that squeaky clean feel, which is exactly the type of environment you want to prepare and cook meals in.

  1. White kitchens make spaces feel larger

Because the colour reflects light so well, even the tiniest of kitchens can feel substantially larger just by having white play a role in its colour scheme.

  1. White is a “positive” colour

According to colour therapists, white gives off positive vibes. It’s the colour of innocence, happiness and purity.

  1. Everything looks good with white

White is the ultimate neutral shade. Virtually any colour can be combined with white to create a dazzling kitchen.

Tips for designing a white kitchen

Want an entirely white kitchen? It certainly can be done. The majority of homeowners, however, like to add splashes and dashes of other colours into their kitchen colour scheme. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Wood is a classic
    From flooring, contrasting shelving to butcher-block benchtops, wood of any shade is a great accompaniment to white. Wood gives off a warm natural feel, particularly the light to medium shades. Deeper shades are a good choice for larger-sized kitchens as it can help make the space seem less large and intimidating.
  • Use a darker shade on lower cabinetry
    An attractive colour scheme in today’s white kitchen is using white cabinets on your uppers and floor to ceiling cabinets while using a darker colour like dark brown, blue or grey on your lower cabinetry.
  • Incorporate contrast with your benchtop
    Another idea is to use white on all outer wall cabinets and then to use a contrasting colour on your island. This warms up the kitchen and adds some dimension to the room.
  • Add shine with glass
    A leading trend in kitchens right now is glass. Glass front upper cabinets are a great option, and you can incorporate a glass splashback to make the room look even more bright and spacious.
  • Go for stainless
    Stainless steel appliances are the top choice for kitchens today, and it just so happens that they go very well with white kitchens. A stainless range hood, oven and refrigerator will all work well.

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