Colour choices are important for any home, but even more so when you are putting the time and effort into renovating one of the most important rooms in the house: the kitchen.

If you’ve ever been to an open home inspection for a house that is thirty or forty years old and has a kitchen that hasn’t been updated recently, you can often be confronted with colour schemes that make you wonder how people could have looked at it every day (brown countertops and lime green tiles anyone?). 

So, what are the most popular colours and colour pairings you can use for your kitchen, and why do they work?



A pure ‘white’ colour palette might seem daunting, but for a fresh, clear ‘Hamptons’ vibe, it’s hard to go past. White is a fantastic base colour to live with and the accents of colour that you choose, whether it’s a bright green bowl of Granny Smith apples or statement cookware in rose gold copper tones displayed on an open shelf can really lift the whole kitchen to an incredible statement room.

White is, and always will be, associated with timeless style, sophistication and simplicity.  White pared with contrasting colours can also give your new kitchen the wow factor.


White and Timber

If you favour natural tones and love style that brings timber and the warmth of the outdoors into the home, then a white and timber combination is for you. Increasingly favoured as the ‘Scandinavian’ school of design, it has become popular across the world. The mixture of colours contrasts the sharp, crisp whites with natural earth tones brought in from wooden countertops of benchtop accents.

This style is also well-suited to homes with timber flooring or where there is a wooden deck nearby.


Crisp White, Matte Black and Grey

In the world of fashion, the contrast between black and white is timeless for a reason. The contrast between the darkness of a monochrome black and the simple, clean white is strong and elegant. 

For a bit of visual ‘texture’, it’s also a good idea to incorporate different hues of grey into the design through a contrasting splashback, grey stools or stainless steel tapware.


Natural Tones

If you favour a warm, simple, classic aesthetic then building your kitchen around natural tones is a strong option. 

Natural tones can include the sandy, warm hues of the beach with golden/honey influenced colours. This can mean sandstone tiles, wooden laminate such as oak, or a wooden island benchtop. 

Natural stone, including granite or Caesarstone benchtops, can also meld well with this colour choice. A benchtop with a mix of tones in it can be used to select cabinetry that complements it to tie both surfaces together.


Planning Tips

A lot of the people we talk to in our showrooms tell us that they feel daunted by the number of choices they have to make when it comes to their kitchens. 

Between thinking about the tapware, the benchtops, the splashbacks and the appliances, the thought of matching colours on top of all of that can feel like something only a professional designer could do.

But breaking down the process into smaller chunks is the best way to approach it, and setting the colour palette is a solid first step. That’s because once you have that first building block in place, the rest of the decisions (such as whether to go with stainless steel or white appliances) are simpler.

This shortlist of colour styles is in no way the full spectrum of options you have if you are looking at a kitchen renovation. If you want to speak with someone about your options, or you don’t even know where to start, then the team at Zesta can help! 

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