They say that beauty is the eye of the beholder, and the same applies to your kitchen. It may sound simple but the ‘best layout’ really depends on exactly how you want to use it, your space and also your budget.

How do you use your kitchen


If you’re an entertainer at heart, with the kitchen a focal point for your nights in with friends, then you’ll favour wide-sweeping benches, minimal obstructions, and perhaps space where stools can be placed so you can turn the kitchen into a place to socialise.

If you’re after a more functional space for a big family, you’ll be chasing plenty of storage, a separation between food preparation and the sink and fridge, and a large space for your dishwasher.

Or perhaps you’re just after something easy to use, maintain and adapt as your needs change.

Whichever one it is, your ideal kitchen and the ‘best layout’ is worth thinking about in some detail before you get started and begin a demolition job on your existing space. We’ll step through some of the considerations you should think about to help you start your planning process.

Design guided by your Space

When it comes to designing any area, the most affordable approach is to be guided by the existing layout of the floor space you have at your disposal.

A minimalist kitchen design might get a little ‘lost’ if your space is a large one, so it pays to think how best to match your desired design with the space you have to work with.

Structural Changes 

Of course, since the kitchen and living area is now central to any home, sometimes a larger scale renovation is not only an option, it’s actually the best option (if you have the budget to do so). Moving walls (or removing them entirely) can seem daunting but if the kitchen is one that is currently holding back the functionality and enjoyment of the home, then it can be well worth the time and effort to do a larger scale renovation. They say that beauty is the eye of the beholder, and the same applies to your kitchen. It may sound simple but the ‘best layout’ really depends on exactly how you want to use it, your space and also your budget.

While this will cost more overall, we highly recommend that you speak to a designer early in the planning stages to get a realistic cost estimate to guide your decisions.

In positive news, the Federal Government has recently announced a generous program called the Homebuilders Grant that allows you to receive up to $25,000 towards the value of any major renovation. We’ve broken down this grant and the requirements that you need to meet in order to receive it in much more detail.

Clever Design 

Unusual spaces and difficult space challenges are something we have plenty of experience with, so you can also call on our expertise to help work through these. For example, a kitchen space that we recently helped homeowners within Balaclava had tight angles, but a homeowner who wanted a central bench with the sink and an extra food preparation area.

 The pairing of a cleverly angled bench with our Qualia design and a crisp white matte finish makes the best use of the space and encourages a free-flowing space that also responds well to the natural light from the adjoining dining area.

You can see the results for yourself in these photos.

The U Shaped Kitchen

The U shape is ideal for larger kitchens as it creates a zone for storage and eating while still maintaining open space. As the name suggests, there are three zones for counters and workspaces (each side of the ‘U’). U Shaped kitchens are the classic ‘entertainers kitchen’.

The L Shaped Kitchen

L shaped kitchens have less available space than the U shape with only two areas of bench and storage space. L shaped kitchens are efficient space savers and ideal for more compact spaces or for those wanting to maximise the living space available in other areas of the house.

The Island Kitchen

For families that want an additional ‘space’ to utilise the island kitchen is a great design option. A large central island can be used as an additional food prep area or as a homework space. Islands can also ‘fill in’ the empty and underutilised space in an otherwise large kitchen with a useful focal point and appealing visual accent.

Other Options

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. An extreme space saver is the ‘one-wall’ kitchen, while some renovators and homeowners prefer the more traditional ‘galley style’ kitchen.

Your Choices, Our Advice

If you would like to make your budget go further but not compromise on quality, a specialist kitchen designed to exactly your taste by Zesta can help you do that, no matter what style you’re after. We have a wide range of options at your disposal. With our advice, you can decide on the right mix of layout and style that will best suit your space and your needs to get exactly the result you are after.

If you have an idea about your kitchen or would like to begin your planning with the help of a friendly professional, call us on 1300 190 395 or drop by in-person to one of our kitchen showrooms.