Our taste in kitchen design has changed significantly over the last few decades. From the pastels and linoleum of the 1950’s to the resurgence of gas cooking and rise of benchtop appliances through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, to the open plans and reworking of the ‘work triangle’ that marked the turn of the century, our kitchens have evolved from practical to statement showpieces.

With a new decade now upon us, it’s the perfect time to look ahead at what’s next for the ‘heart of the home’. We’ve surveyed the latest styles from across the globe, reviewed upcoming releases from the world’s leading manufacturers, and come up with this shortlist of the top trends to look out for in 2020.

Trend #1: It’s all about the tech

Over the last few years, luxury fixtures and fittings have become the norm, with homeowners willing to spend more to get the ‘right’ finish. This trend will continue throughout 2020, with a particular focus on investing in home automation. Appliances with newer technologies, like induction cooktops, will also become more commonplace.

Other smart appliances like fridges now boast screens that can act like notes on a fridge. Gone is the need for magnets and pieces of paper all over the fridge. Instead,  users can create a memo board with a list of bills and when they are due or a shopping list. They can even help you find recipes while in the kitchen and even play music via apps like Spotify. Some fridges even let you see the contents in the fridge without opening the door.

If you aren’t quite ready to invest in a new fridge, Apple’s Siri or Google’s voice assistant can also be of assistance in the kitchen. While you may not see items in the fridge, both will allow you to add items to a shopping list, get recipes and even let you play music.

Trend #2: Slimmer, sleeker surfaces

Given the kitchen is the most used in the home, the need for surfaces that are both stylish and hardwearing.   The popularity of the industrial look and concrete benchtops will continue to be widespread over the next decade. We also predict that we’ll start seeing more thinner benchtop options as people move away from the heaviness of thick stone.

Trend #3: Cooler colours

While some prefer the bold colours, white will continue to be most people’s #1 choice. That being said, navy blue is the most ‘on trend’ colour (as shown by “Pantone naming ‘Classic Blue’ as 2020’s colour of the year”), and two-tone cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular. Kitchens with white as base and timber navy overheads is a perfect example.  We’re seeing a lot of teal being used in kitchens overseas, but that style doesn’t seem to be as popular in Australia.

Trend #4: Statement tiles

We believe the preference for tiled splashbacks (rather than glass or mirror) will continue, with people choosing bolder colours and patterns to make them more of a feature. We also predict that mosaics and feature tiles will make a return, with people adding their own individual style to their kitchen.

Trend #5: And the kitchen sink?

Given how much they have become part of how we live, we believe that island benches will continue to be hugely popular. However, we expect the trend of putting sinks in the island will come to an end.  The sink will move back to the wall or against the window. As a result, sinks will no longer need to be a feature, and top mounting and stainless steel (which is easier to maintain) will come back into fashion.

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