Many homeowners would love to update the look of their kitchen regularly. However, with a median cost of about $20,000, a kitchen renovation is something most can afford to do only once.

With that in mind, keeping your kitchen design simple and classic is usually the best choice. Not only does this mean it will stay in style for longer, it’ll also be easier to add little touches to keep the space on-trend.

If you’d like a kitchen with timeless appeal, but aren’t sure where to start, here are our top tips.


Tip #1: Keep it neutral

Bold colours tend to go in and out of fashion, so you want to keep your palette neutral. In addition to not ageing as quickly, a neutral colour scheme provides a clean canvas for your daily life. It also allows you to introduce personality through unique accessories (which are much easier to replace when tastes change).

A mood board is a great way to see how your colour choices will work together. It can also help you visualise what the end result will look like and how any statement pieces you have will fit in the space.


Tip #2: Keep it open

The layout of your kitchen is the hardest and most expensive element to change. As such, if you are undertaking a major renovation, it’s important to get this right.

Wherever possible, we recommend an open plan kitchen/living area. This configuration is more functional as it gives the space a better flow and allows you to engage with your guests when entertaining or watch the kids while you’re cooking dinner.


Tip #3: Choose durable surfaces

As some of the most heavily used surfaces in your home, your kitchen benchtops are particularly susceptible to signs of wear and tear. To help avoid this, choose materials that are scratch and stain-resistant, like engineered stone or high-quality laminate.

Quality flooring is also important, as kitchens tend to be high traffic areas and the likelihood of things being dropped and spilled is high.


Tip #4: Keep your fixtures simple

It’s the small details that can make or break the overall look of your space, so getting your tapware, handles, sink, etc., right is critical. Chrome and stainless steel are always a good choice as they are hardwearing and suit almost any style. Clean lines and a practical design are also important as anything that’s too ornate tends to look old-fashioned.


Tip #5: Integrate your appliances

Building your major appliances – like your fridge, oven, cooktop, and dishwasher – into your cabinetry creates a cleaner, more streamlined look. Also, choosing a classic design and a stainless steel finish will make it easier to tie your appliances in with the rest of your kitchen design.


More advice

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