Once used solely as a way to protect your walls and fixtures, the kitchen splashback has transformed into a statement piece, turning this once-utilitarian panel item into great way for you to reflect your style and taste through design. There are a lot of kitchen splashbacks on the market today, including stone, stainless steel, and acrylic, but the two top choices for Australian homeowners continue to be tile and glass.

Not sure which one to pick? Let’s start by taking a look at the more traditional choice: tile.

What you need to know about tiled kitchen splashbacks

Tile splashbacks are a classic. Although their popularity faded for a bit, they are back – and in a big way.

A large reason behind this surge in demand is the colour and texture options now available to homeowners. There are different patterns and even statement tiles that you can incorporate into your Melbourne kitchen design.

Tiled kitchen splashbacks are highly flexible, can be easily cut to size (making it a great option for those interested in DIY kitchen projects), and depending on the tile you choose, are a budget-friendly option. You can often find attractive tiling that can be purchased at low cost as “seconds” at a number of warehouses.

The one glaring disadvantage of tile splashbacks is the difficulty of maintenance. Unfortunately, the grouting between the tiles gives bacteria, mould, and other organisms a better opportunity to take hold and disrupt your kitchen.

Tiles may also not be the right choice if you are going for a more contemporary style, though a lot of tile options (like subway tiles) are certainly on trend and can give your kitchen a modern look.

What you need to know about glass splashbacks

The kitchen splashback that is in greatest demand today is the glass splashback. Sleek, easy to maintain and totally modern, a glass splashback will be a stunning feature in any kitchen.

There are a handful of glass splashback “types” on the market:

  •         Toughened glass (this clear glass can withstand high heat and, if broken, crumbles into small pieces rather than shattering into large shards)
  •         Solid-coloured toughened glass (as the name suggests, this toughened glass can be any colour you choose)
  •         Printed toughened glass (the image of your choice can be digitally printed on the back of the glass)
  •         Mirrored glass (smoky and reflective, this is a great option for those wanting to give the impression of having a larger, brighter kitchen)

Because of the extra amount of care required, glass splashbacks are also the more expensive option, typically starting at around $200 per square metre in comparison to $45+ per square metre for tiles.

Manufactured stone splashbacks, like Caesarstone, are yet another alternative. They can look really effective if you have a textured stone benchtop and want to highlight the same textures on your splashback. It’s amazing how much the stone will look different but complement when seen at a different angle.

But be aware of building regulations as they can only be used for electric or induction cooktops, not gas cooktops.

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