“Transform a dull and dark kitchen with a fresh new look” by Melissa Heagney.

With a kitchen that was built the year Back to the Future was in cinemas, Andrea and Steve knew they needed an update. The Templestowe couple did a lot of research before choosing a new design that has transformed the once dull and dark kitchen into a light and lovely room with plenty of new storage.

Why update?

Andrea: The kitchen was so old – it dated back to the ’80s. Dark and tired, it was begging for a renovation. Some of the doors didn’t close properly and I was dreaming of lots of pot drawers and more effective storage. I was also sick and tired of all the appliances cluttering the bench space; I wanted them hidden.

What were your priorities?

We definitely wanted a brighter space, so I was thinking white or off-white and stone benchtops. An appliance cupboard was always on the agenda, as well as storage, but I guess storage would be important for everyone. I wanted a space all our family could enjoy. I have a husband and three kids, as well as a large extended family, so it can get rather crazy in the kitchen. With everyone cooking and preparing, the design needed to incorporate, not only our family, but also our extended family.

Funny, I didn’t consider cleaning as an aspect, but all I do now is clean as I want it to look brand new every day. It’s easy to keep clean anyway.

How did you choose a kitchen company?

We needed to shop around to consider colours and offerings, as well as quality, and we ended up visiting four showrooms.

We learnt a lot along the way and were surprised at the price variations, as well as the length of time different companies take from start to finish.

There were a few reasons why we decided on Zesta Kitchens. The time factor was definitely one. Another was the price; we found Zesta Kitchens’ quality was very well priced, so that met our budget.

Their friendly, informative showroom staff, as well as Joe (the designer), made us want to buy from Zesta Kitchens. Their ability to quickly organise the whole job from initial design to manufacturing and then all the tradespeople was important for us as we don’t have any contacts in this area.

How long did it all take?

From first confirmation to final installation took about six weeks.

What do you love?

Definitely my appliance cupboard. It is huge and I can easily close it and hide all those bulky appliances. I also love the deep drawers and massive increased storage. In fact, I now have drawers that are nearly empty as I have so much space.

Would you change anything?

Surprisingly, no. In the past, when we have done renovations, we have often wished we’d done some things differently, but this time it was perfect and met all the needs of our family.

Any tips for those thinking of a kitchen renovation?

Research. We spent a fair bit of time on the iPad collecting ideas, working out what styles we liked and disliked. I’d recommend visiting at least three showrooms. For us, the showroom visits to see the finishes, quality and pricing was time well spent to learn how the process would work.

It had been a long time since we had done a kitchen, so it was a bit daunting for us. But in the end, our gut feeling told us that Zesta Kitchens was right for us and we were happy with the price. We couldn’t be happier with our gorgeous kitchen.