The layout of your kitchen plays a key role in how you will cook, socialise, and entertain in your home. The “U-turn kitchen” is a popular Melbourne kitchen design – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right layout for your home.

What is a U-turn kitchen?

As the name suggests, the U-turn kitchen features a “U” shape, typically with one shorter wall or cabinet section and two longer walls or cabinet segments which may be of equal or different shapes extending from it. This classic Melbourne kitchen design can work in both large open concept spaces and more narrow residences like townhomes and apartments.

When a U-turn kitchen makes sense

The U-turn kitchen design is often referred to as being a cook’s “dream kitchen”, and for a good reason:

  • There is plenty of bench space for food preparation and bench top storage
  • The “U” shape offers maximum cabinet space
  • The natural “triangle” it creates means that appliances and cookware are within easy reach

Depending on the size of your kitchen, one or more people can use the space to cook and clean at the same time. It’s also an attractive kitchen renovation design because it can blend multiple areas of an open concept plan while simultaneously creating a divide so that there is a sense of privacy and separation in your home.

Why you may not want a U-turn kitchen

Because U-turn kitchens do involve a fair amount of cabinetry, this kitchen design is often not suitable for smaller spaces. Some homeowners may feel that the closeness of the appliances make the kitchen feel uncomfortably cramped and small, while others who build a larger U-turn kitchen may think that the spread out work triangle is too great and inconvenient (though a larger U-turn kitchen could accommodate a useful kitchen island).

When poorly designed, the cabinetry of a U-turn kitchen may not be readily accessible. That is why homeowners need to be careful when selecting the cabinets for their U-turn Melbourne kitchen design and to choose an installer they can trust.

White Kitchen with equipment and beige benchtop

How Zesta Kitchens can help with your U-turn Melbourne kitchen design

With over 45 years in the Melbourne kitchen design and renovation space, Zesta Kitchens knows what it takes to create gorgeous and functional cooking and entertainment spaces.

We use only the finest materials sourced directly from Australia and Europe when crafting our quality cabinets and countertops for your U-turn kitchen or any Melbourne kitchen design. Our experience in this industry has also put us in touch with some of the best kitchen contractors in the business (which we’ll gladly put you in touch with).

If you’re on the hunt for fresh Melbourne kitchen design ideas like the U-turn kitchen, we want to help! We welcome your call today on 1300 100 555, or if you already have a kitchen finish in mind book a kitchen design with us by clicking here.