One of the most efficient kitchens out there, the L-shape kitchen design suits Melbourne’s urban areas perfectly.

The main asset of this kitchen style is its versatility. The L-shape fits nicely in to almost any small to medium size room in the house. It is suitable for homes of all configurations, and it’s natural fit into the right angle of the room means it is ergonomic for a single chef to work there.

L-shape kitchens exude a social vibe. They allow a chef to miss the action only for a moment, to remain involved in the conversation despite the activity on the chopping board. They bring together the fun and the functional, allowing the master chef to avoid isolation, while the magic happens.

Often, an L-shape kitchen will feature a subtle modern design, a form of casual minimalism. They are themselves an adornment to the room; the rest of the space will possess its own vibe, so there is no reason to overpower the decoration of the kitchen corner. To save space, hideaway appliances and a corner fridge are often employed, many times, near the entrance to the room.

There are as many possibilities with the L-shape kitchen renovation as there are kitchen designs. If you are yourself a social butterfly, you can make use of this kitchen to its fullest potential.


  • Neat design fits in to nearly any room in the house
  • Ergonomic: every surface is within reach
  • Perfect for multi-functional rooms


  • Not suitable for larger rooms: appliances are too spread out