Every homeowner dreams of having an entertainer’s kitchen, offering the perfect space to host friends and family for dinner, drinks, and get-togethers, while you get to cook and serve your guests. This large and inviting style of kitchen comes with quite a lot of planning. There’s a lot more to it than you might think.

From the initial gathering ideas phase to design stages and selecting the right appliances and setup of your new kitchen, all of these pieces must work together to create the ultimate entertainer’s space. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider to make sure your kitchen work in your home, and why an experienced kitchen designer might be the best person to help you achieve it.

The Entertainer's Kitchen

The Design Process

An entertainer’s kitchen is unique because it creates somewhere to cook and socialise at the same time. The design process needs to reflect this. There are many different styles and shapes of kitchen that are used for entertainers kitchen, utilising both a work area and entertainment area often in the same space. The right positioning of a breakfast bar, for example, helps to create a functional and stylish kitchen that meets the brief. You also have to consider seating, lighting, bench space, and space for additional appliances for all those hungry mouths to feed.

Finding the Right Zoning For Your Kitchen

The purpose of a good entertainer’s kitchen is to provide space to entertain your guests but also allow room for those preparing the food, so finding the perfect zoning is essential. Classic kitchens use a ‘working triangle’ which means each of the major use items (fridge, oven/cooktop, and sink), are situated for optimum accessibility and workflow. The entertainer’s kitchen should flow in order of how it will be used and to give easy access to those within it, so first would be the fridge, then prep zone, cook zone, serving zone, and then finally to the cleaning zone.

Choosing the Perfect Appliances To Suit Your Space

An entertainer’s kitchen is one that takes care of the entire event from start to finish, so it needs to be more than just where you cook. You also have to be able to entertain there. This means you’ll need more than just your standard appliances like fridge, oven, cooktop, and dishwasher. Consider other additions like speakers and sound system, a warming drawer, and mood lighting to complete the entertaining feel of your kitchen.

The Scale of Kitchen Accessories

When you’re building an entertainer’s kitchen, the scale of your accessories will likely be greater. This means you’ll want additional space for people to sit and eat, extra room for walkways through the kitchen and dining areas, and island benchtops or buffets on which to serve food. Some might even consider adding a second island benchtop, so there’s one for food prep and one for dining, giving you even more space.

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