Did you know that the average family sorts, washes, dries, folds and irons up to ten loads of laundry every week?

That’s a whole lot of time spent in the laundry room! In fact, most families spend four or more hours doing laundry each week.

A well-designed and thoughtfully planned out laundry room can increase the functionality of your room as well as make this space a lot more enjoyable. Below are our six tips on how you can create a great looking and efficient laundry room for your home.

1. Plan how the washer and dryer will be mounted

Don’t have enough room to stack the washer and dryer side-by-side? Consider going vertical. If that’s not an option, you can always mount the washer and dryer off of the floor to save yourself from having to bend to load and unload laundry.

2. Give the room some personality

Make this room into your own by adding colours, elements, and textures that show off your style and personality. This is a room where you should feel free to take risks and explore your more daring design ideas, like painting one wall a fresh citrus colour.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a bright white paint which uplifts the mood while exuding that squeaky clean feel.

3. Include a sink

Nothing is more inconvenient than having to run from one room to the next with a load of hand-washed freshly rinsed laundry. Water drips everywhere, creating a slippery mess that you’ll have to mop up, meaning more work for you.

Your wash basin should be durable and stain-resistant with a deeper than average bowl. Depending on what you will be using the sink for, consider finding a bowl that is also heat-resistant.

4. Add cabinetry to your design

Building cabinetry around your washer and dryer will give your space a high-end, luxurious look as well as add utility to your area. In these cabinets you can store anything you need, from laundry soap and fabric softener to toiletries, tissues, towels – the possibilities are endless.

5. Get creative with storage

Don’t limit yourself to cabinetry for storing items. There are loads of useful items you can incorporate into your space, like:

  •         Clothes bars
  •         Hooks
  •         Wall cubicles
  •         Baskets
  •         Floating shelves

Do whatever you can to optimise this often small and cramped space. Whenever you feel that there is not enough room, go vertical.

6. Incorporate bench space into your design

One of the most often forgotten pieces of the laundry room is the benchtop. The counter serves a number of important purposes:

  • It’s somewhere to set down your basket
  • It’s where you can fold clothing without having to clutter up your living room or bedroom
  • It’s extra storage space

The more space you give yourself to work in, the better. If you’re fortunate enough to have a larger laundry room, you can even build an island bench into the design.

Design your custom laundry space with Zesta

Known for our outstanding kitchen designs, Zesta has built and remodelled many laundries for our clients throughout the metro Melbourne area.

We not only understand the many different requirements for appliances, benchtops, fittings and fixtures. Our team also understands what goes into building a beautiful, durable space that will add value and delight to your home.

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