When you’re in self-isolation you may realise just how outdated your kitchen is and planning your new kitchen now makes perfect sense.  With families spending even more time in the heart of the home you get a feeling what’s working and what’s not.  The trick is what steps do you take and where do you start?

Mary Maksemos, Zesta Kitchens Designer has advice on the steps you can take now that will bring your kitchen closer to an update. The great news is this can be your focus and new project now while in isolation.

Kitchen Planning is key now.

The first step when planning your kitchen renovation is to identify the styles and products you like. You can download our Kitchen Renovation Guide or collect ideas on the internet and home improvement websites like Houzz. Anywhere you find inspiration save the images and then create a mood board. For those of you that are not creating a mood board can be a great visual tool representing your look and feel. Both Canva and Pinterest have free tools that are easy to use.

kitchen design moodboard

Once you have sorted your ideas the next step which is a critical one is to ask “What is the biggest challenge in my existing space? What is not working right now?”

This is the step Designers will spend a lot of time discussing with their client. It will identify the problem in the existing space to guide for a functional kitchen space for the future. It may be that your existing space lacks storage or is not large enough for the growing family. Make a list of your essentials or top priorities so it is clear for the Designer.

The final consideration is budget. Have a good look at your styles and be realistic about what you can afford. It is no use designing a very large space if you have a very low budget or vice versa. There are so many different products on the market that can work to any budget so discuss all options with your Designer.

Other elements to consider

• Will you be keeping existing flooring? (this needs to be done prior to kitchen installation).
• Seek feedback from other family members what they see as a problem in the existing kitchen.
• Why did you choose the styles in your moodboard – write down how you want the space to feel.
• Do you want laminate (cheaper) or stone benchtops?
• What accessories do you prefer? Think of handles, bin systems, corner cabinetry what is important to you?
• What type of material would you like for the splashback?
• Any particular appliances you would like or will you keep your own?
• Do you need to open up an area requiring a qualified builder?

Once you have an understanding of your space book in your personalised kitchen design with a Zesta Kitchens Designer. If you have too many questions just get in touch and we can guide you through it.