Since starting kitchen renovations back in 1946, we’ve learned a thing or two about kitchens. Today we’re going to share some of the most important lessons which will benefit anyone planning a kitchen renovation, starting with:


  1. Take time when choosing your cabinets


An organised and functional kitchen needs to have quality cabinets. There are many styles available on the market today, which can make the process quite overwhelming for some.

Start by deciding whether you prefer a modern or a traditional look, and then start shopping for styles. Think about the size of your kitchen and how the cabinetry will work with your space (for example, if you have a smaller kitchen, look into some space-saving options like carousel corner cabinets).

Next, choose the right material for both your budget and your expectations.  You may like gloss cabinetry, however, gloss can display marks when the light enters your kitchen space.  Matte cabinetry may be a better alternative in such an environment.

The last step is to select the right hardware and finishings. Take your time exploring the pulls, handles, and knobs or whether you would prefer handleless cabinetry as an option when putting together your stylish and beautiful new kitchen.


  1. Go for a quality benchtop


The goal for most homeowners is to choose a benchtop that will both update the kitchen and increase the overall value of the property. Fortunately, with the vast selection of benchtops on the market, it isn’t difficult to find a cost-effective quality product.

Zesta Kitchens has a variety of benchtops to choose from. Some of our leading options include:

  • Durable Caesarstone kitchen benchtops
  • YDL Quartz Stone kitchen benchtops
  • Bright and modern EGGER kitchen benchtops

Stop by one of our three showrooms in Melbourne to touch and see these gorgeous benchtops in person.


  1. Always add a splashback


The splashback you choose will help set the tone of your kitchen space while also giving it a bit more shine and “pizzazz”. There are many options out there, with tiled splashbacks growing in demand by the year.

When choosing your splashback, don’t forget the fact that it is going to get “splashed” with water, oil, sauce, and grease. Find one that won’t cause massive headaches when trying to get it clean.


  1. Engage a professional kitchen designer


Designing a kitchen is no easy feat. You have to plan the layout, choose the appliances and materials, figure out the plumbing and electrical, and plenty more jobs you might not even realise need doing.

A qualified kitchen designer will work with you to put these many pieces together. It saves you time, frustration, and it can even save you money as their knowledge and experience will shield you from costly mistakes.  Let’s be honest if you were sick you seek the advice from a Doctor. There is no difference with kitchens, choose an experienced Kitchen Designer.


Here at Zesta Kitchens, we have a team of experienced Kitchen Designers who love to build gorgeous brand new kitchens throughout Melbourne and surrounding communities. Stop by any one of our showrooms to meet with one of our talented kitchen designers in person, or call us at your convenience at 1300 100 555.