When it comes to kitchen design and structure, one of the most important aspects to consider is safety. The kitchen can be an unsafe place, especially if little hands are reaching and grabbing for things that are just out of their reach. This is why kitchen design needs to be about more than just looking good. Safety needs to be incorporated into the design, to eliminate as much risk as possible.

This is something that Zesta keeps in mind when designing kitchens. After all, the way you prepare your meals and your lifestyle will influence what you cook and when. In most instances, the location of the sink, the stove and the hotplate needs to be close together so that the chance of burns is minimised. Adequate bench space is also necessary, so that hot food doesn’t have to be taken far.

The design of a kitchen will be dependent on your lifestyle and your needs, and there are some aspects to consider. When you’re cooking there will be items you use frequently, and these should be positioned so they are easy to access while cooking. Consider where drawers that house pots and pans will be located, as too low or too high can result in unnecessary bending or straining. Where possible, avoid building kitchen cupboards to ceiling level as these will require a chair or ladder for access, and can be a hazard in the kitchen.

Zesta have over 35 years experience when it comes to kitchen design, and will take into account the family’s needs and requirements when putting together a design. A design consultant can assess your current space, and then work with your needs to put together a design that takes into account your requirements, now and in the future. If there are young children about, then cupboards and drawers that are designed to house knives, scissors or poisonous liquids should be added to an out of reach location.

Ultimately, the design of your kitchen should take into consideration your lifestyle and your environment, with practical and modern kitchens that will be suitable to your lifestyle for a long time to come.