There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to designing a kitchen, and that is especially true when it comes to overhead storage.

The two most popular choices, overhead cabinets and open shelving, both come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. But before we delve into that, let’s get one thing out of the way:

What about no upper storage?

Some exceptionally large kitchens, particularly those with butlers pantries, have no overhead cabinets or open shelving whatsoever.  

If you don’t cook in the home often, have a more modest sized kitchen or are a huge fan of minimalist design, this style of kitchen may be the right fit. However, most of our customers want more storage not less.

So if you are after a minimalist look, our Viva kitchen, for example, is perhaps as minimalist as it gets while still giving the kitchen an incredibly modern feel.

One reason some are against no upper storage is that they say it gives them more elbow room. But if you’ll be stacking the items you would otherwise be placing in upper cabinets and shelving on the benchtop and other surfaces as a result, this isn’t the best design choice for you.

The lowdown on open shelving

Open shelving has experienced an uptick in popularity because it makes your space feel more open while still providing you with much-needed storage opportunities. Shelving is a great way to display your most prized kitchen possessions, and it makes everyday items more accessible.

The problem with open shelving occurs when you have too much stuff, are disorganised, or if open shelving makes your room look too “busy”. Unattractive items and clutter can make the room a stressful and uninviting place to be, and the openness of the area means that items will need to be washed and dusted more often.

Another question is whether or not open shelving is a passing fad, or if it will become a classic kitchen design element. If you’re considering moving and reselling your property within the next five to ten years, it may be worth skipping the shelving.

The argument for upper cabinets

Clean and composed, upper cabinets always give kitchens that polished look – even when the items behind closed doors may be awry. Cabinetry can be customised and styled to suit all tastes, and they always leave kitchens looking tidy and organised.

Some may say that upper cabinets take up too much space, giving smaller kitchens, in particular, a darker and more cramped feel. Others argue that the cost of the cabinets is a major drawback.

This is where our Zesta Kitchens Design team will help. We offer a wide range of kitchen design solutions, that are as affordable as they are beautiful. Our Designers find that through colour, texture, lighting and materials, any kitchen can feel bright and vibrant, regardless of the cabinetry you choose.

We invite you to stop by one of our showrooms for kitchen design inspiration and book your free in-home kitchen design consultation with us today.