Among kitchen designs for Melbourne, this one is arguably one of the most sought-after. An island bench kitchen renovation offers your cooking area unlimited flexibility, practicality, and aesthetics, and retains its popularity in many areas of Melbourne.

The island kitchen requires more than just the will to install: they are intended for larger spaces, or areas that you can open up. They work best with an airy, brightly-lit kitchen, and one that serves as a gathering point for a large family or friends.

The island itself can be used for added storage and counter space, and is well-suited to the numerous cooking and kitchen amenities that are found in many kitchen designs, like juicers, blenders, rice cookers, or toaster ovens. They can also feature their own mini-fridge, one that can be set aside for a specific usage, such as alcoholic beverages, or for kid’s snacks.

You can use the island itself as an addition to table space, if you are dining with a large group. By and large, versatility is the gain of an island kitchen renovation for your Melbourne home, offering you setup and seating options that you could only dream about prior to this.

If you are interested in exploring your options for an island kitchen, Zesta Kitchens can help you to decide. Contact us to find out more!


  • Seating space options
  • No shortage of bench space
  • A social and inclusive space


  • Limited to larger kitchens