These days, a great kitchen design is as beautiful as it is practical. It is a statement of the homeowner’s personal style and helps set the look and feel of the whole home. It also needs to be able to adapt as tastes change, balancing current trends and classic style.

Given the constant evolution of kitchen design trends, this is no mean feat. Every year, there are new fashionable features, chic colour schemes, and must-have materials. Keeping across these takes time and designing a space that incorporates the latest looks can be tough.

To help you with this, our design experts have shared what they think will be hot in the kitchen in 2021.


Our Top Tip For 2021


According to our experts, in 2021, we’re likely to see a number of key kitchen design trends continue. Specifically, they predict the following will be popular.

  • Thin benchtops: Over the last couple of years, ultra-thin porcelain benchtops that appear to float above the cabinetry have become very popular. However, this is quite an expensive finish, and we’re seeing many try to recreate it using other materials. Stone (natural and engineered) and timber are common choices, with a sharknose edge profile used to make the bench appear thinner.
  • Concrete and textured benchtops: While many people are after super thin work surfaces, others are turning to the strength and thickness of concrete. No longer seen as just a functional building material, concrete is now an integral part of the ever-popular industrial look. Some are taking this a step further, forgoing traditional smooth surfaces and embracing the natural texture of their benchtop material. 
  • Striking splashbacks: Daring colours and patterns are making a serious return, particularly for splashbacks. From geometric tiles in vibrant tones, to colourful mosaics, we’re seeing more people making a feature of their splashback.
  • Timber and timber look: While white will continue to be the most popular colour choice, we’re seeing a greater appetite for wood finishes. Interestingly, we’ve also noticed an increased awareness of the limitation of natural timber, particularly for wet areas (like the kitchen). As such, we expect many to turn to high-quality laminates to give the warmth of timber, without the extra maintenance.
  • Sink placement: Up until recently, the vast majority of new kitchens were designed around a kitchen island that featured under-mount sink. While island benches remain popular, we’re seeing sinks return to their more traditional location along one of the kitchen’s walls. At the same time, both top-mount and farmhouse sinks have also started coming back into fashion. 
  • Substantial storage: With more people spending more time at home – and more of that time in the kitchen – storage has become critical. With this in mind, we believe dedicated storage areas will become a must-have for most homeowners. As part of this, we expect to see appliance nooks and walk-in or step-in pantries feature in many floorplans.
  • Brass finishes: Finally, we expect brass to be many people’s #1 choice for fixtures and fittings. A highly flexible material, brass suits most styles and can be used for everything from sinks and tapware to lighting and rangehoods. While brass is more expensive than chrome; it’s hard-wearing, easy to maintain, and will look great for years to come.


Need help keeping your kitchen on trend?


Whether you’re planning a full kitchen renovation, or just want to update a few choice fittings, give Zesta Kitchens a call. Our team of experienced kitchen designers love staying across all the latest trends and are always happy to offer advice. They also provide free consultations and can help you plan everything from cabinetry designs to colour schemes.