It may be hard to believe, but the end of the year is upon us, and 2022 is right around the corner. This has got us thinking about what lies ahead and, in particular, the kitchen designs we’ll see over the coming year. Here we share our thoughts on this and what we believe will be hot in the kitchen in 2022.

Kitchen colours that comfort and energise

You can’t talk about design trends without touching on the season’s hottest colours. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a move away from stark neutrals and towards warmer, richer, more natural tones. We believe this trend will continue in 2022, further evolving to incorporate some new, fun shades.

Specifically, we’re expecting to see a lot more tones of green, ranging from mint to emerald. We also expect creams, sandy whites, and light browns to continue to grow in popularity. And for those who like a little more drama, we anticipate deep blues will be the leading choices.

We’re also seeing a rise of a brighter, slightly retro colour palette. This is quite a bold choice and won’t be for everyone, but it will appeal to those that want to show some personality. For this look, think mid-blue-greens, goldy browns, and vibrant pinks.

Bear in mind though that despite these trends, white consistently made up the majority of kitchen sales – more than 70%.  So even if you aren’t feeling the love of bold colour, consider using white and being more adventurous colours in your accessories. 

Textures that connect your kitchen to nature

Much has been made about how, in response to the pandemic, interior designs are developing an increasingly natural feel. We expect this trend to continue, especially in the kitchen, where natural materials, like wood and stone, are already popular.

Interestingly, we anticipate a particular move toward materials that provide visual texture but are smooth to the touch. For example, we believe finishes that look like terrazzo, marble, and polished concrete will be leading choices for benchtops. And if you don’t have the budget for the real thing, you can achieve similar results with polished stone like Caesarstone, YDL and Egger and laminates such as Laminex.

Similarly, we expect high-quality wood-look laminates will be seen as both a stylish and practical cabinetry choice.

Kitchen structures that support simplicity

As kitchen design experts, we’re happy to see that creative storage solutions are finally getting the accolades they deserve. The growing focus on decluttering and visual simplicity is making sufficient storage an absolute must-have for every kitchen. Homeowners are also paying more attention to the usability of their space and looking for easy ways to improve functionality.

In this spirit, we expect increased interest in products that optimise cupboard space – like pull-out drawers and wire baskets. We also believe the traditional compartmentalised insert will make a big return, further increasing the popularity of drawers as the main kitchen storage type.

Efficient waste management has also become a key focus for many kitchen designs. As part of this, we anticipate greater adoption of storage solutions that support easy and sustainable recycling practices. In particular, we expect many kitchens to feature pull out bins dedicated to the different recycling categories (plastic, glass, etc.).

With regards to waste, Victoria is moving to a four bin system so you might also want to consider having a waste system that enables specific sections for glass, other recyclable, food waste and non-recyclable materials. 

Want more information? 

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