One of the chief complaints about the kitchen is a lack of bench space. Regardless of whether the kitchen is confined to cramped quarters or features a spacious layout, adequate bench space is always hard to come by.

Fortunately, there are many strategies and solutions to this all-too-common problem. We’ll share a few of our favourite kitchen design tips so that you can gain and reclaim some much-appreciated bench space in your home.


Incorporate a Kitchen Island


If you have space, a kitchen island is a perfect way to add some much-needed bench space to your kitchen. Kitchen islands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be created using the same materials as you use throughout the rest of your kitchen. They are incredibly functional as they aren’t only great for food preparation. Add a couple of bar stools, and you have yourself a place to snack, do work, and hang out with other people in the room.


Ditch the Double Sink


If you find yourself seldom using one portion of your double sink, switch to a single sink. Not only will you save bench space, but many single sink designers have gotten rather ingenious with their offerings. Now you can find single sinks with multiple inserts to make food cleaning and preparation more simple and streamlined.


Install an Induction Cooktop


Lovers of gas appliances may gasp at this idea. But you have to hand it to the induction cooktop: it makes for a wonderful extra benchtop when not in use. You can rest mixing bowls, and place ingredients on its surface without the fear of them wobbling and falling to the ground.


Build More Lower Drawers and Fewer Cabinets


Drawers are handier and can arguably hold a lot more than a cabinet. By installing drawers, you’ll be able to more easily remove and access smaller and less used appliances, spices, and utensils which may otherwise be stealing away precious bench space.

handleless drawers

Add Shelving for More Room


Much like drawers, shelves keep intrusive items, which may otherwise be on your benchtop, accessible and easy to find. Random items can be held in cute, trendy baskets and boxes which can add more colour, texture and interest to your brand new kitchen.


Reclaim Your Bench Space with Zesta Kitchens!


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