Modern kitchens will always experiment  with a lot of different colours. But some colours are proving to be standouts for 2020.

Let Zesta Kitchens serve as a source of inspiration by sharing five of the latest and greatest colour trends we’re anticipating for new and renovated kitchens this year.



There is no question that the white kitchen has stood the test of time. While nearly one hundred years ago white was the only colour offered by kitchen manufacturers, today it continues to be a leading colour choice for even the most modern of kitchens.

  • White offers a natural glow. It gives off positive vibes of happiness and purity.
  • White makes any kitchen feel larger. It’s brightness will make even small kitchens feel spacious.
  • White serves as a great design tool. Any colour, texture, or material can be paired with a white kitchen.

If you’re thinking of selling your property in the near future, take note: white kitchens tend to deliver a higher return on your investment than any other colour.



Blues of various shades are making way into the kitchen design space. Navy is the most popular of the lot, being touted by some kitchen designers as being the “new black”.

Navy is a refreshing change from harsh black cabinetry. It has a warmer and more approachable feel, and it can be just as neutral as white or grey cabinets while being just a touch more dramatic. This colour also pairs well with a myriad of colours and materials like timber, and tiles and stone benchtops.



There is no question that black kitchens are hot and in high demand. From cabinets and drawers to splashbacks and even sinks, black is making itself well-known in the kitchen design space.

Black on black is a popular trend these days. But don’t be surprised to see kitchens that incorporate smokey greys, white, and metallic elements to make this colour kitchen truly stand out.



The classic timber kitchen never goes out of style and the new timber laminates are proving to be very popular due to their durability. This welcoming material gives any kitchen a natural, earthy feel that makes anyone who enters your kitchen space feel right at home. 

Timber kitchens are best served with there being a lot of natural light flowing into the space. However, these days they are best paired with other colours like white and black. This will only further enhance the welcoming feel and make the kitchen feel even more spacious than it already does.



Green or teal is a forgotten classic that has the ability to inject a sense of warmth and cosiness to any kitchen. Several of today’s most modern kitchens have incorporated green with walnut wood elements and copper-toned metallics to create a unique and luxurious kitchen space.


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