Zesta Kitchens offers smart pricing right now on our new range of Zesta Stone benchtops

Our Zesta Stone product is a quartz surface made from top quality raw materials that presents exceptional physical and mechanical features together with unique beauty, ideal for interior decoration.

High durability and resistance to scratching: quartz, which is the main component in the manufacturing of Zesta Stone, is a material of natural origin that is very hard, making the product highly resistant to scratching.

Low Maintenance: The Zesta Stone product require less maintenance than that of other products in the marketplace because of its low porosity, which makes it highly resistant to stains.

Resistant to acids: Zesta Stone is a product that is particularly suitable to be used as benchtops in kitchens, due to its high resistance to acids and in general to products commonly used in the kitchen.

The Zesta Stone product has a resistance index that is much greater than that of other products in the market, but it is not indestructible; strong impact from heavy implements could damage the product‚s surface.

Thermal shock: Zesta Stone is highly resistant to heat; nonetheless, like other products in the market, extreme levels of heat may damage the product. We recommend the use of a trivet for pans removed from the heat.

Some of our popular colours include:

Myriad White
Zesta Stone - Alaska Zesta Stone - Blizzard
Zesta Stone - Nero Zesta Stone - Sand
Zesta Stone - Torrone