When considering a new kitchen many may find the experience overwhelming as they are unsure of where to begin or become overwhelmed at the vast array of finishes to select from.

Here at Zesta we have trained professionals with the knowledge to guide you with your selections to which are best suited for you. Below are tips in which will assist you in the overall design of your kitchen and therefore make the journey more approachable and enjoyable.


1)    Light cool neutral colours will make an area appear spacious and generate a harmonious feeling within the space while dark tones may be overwhelming in a small area.

2)    Glossy and light coloured finishes aid in areas with minimal exposure to natural sunlight as they reflect light within the space.

3)    Subtle grey tones utilized as splashback will complement and enhance bright colours.

4)    Contrast is an element which contributes to the overall aesthetics within an area. This can be achieved in a kitchen by having say dark bench tops or vibrant colours against light cabinetry or introducing a textured bench top with a simple finish.

5)    Spotlights are an affordable accessory to generate light within a kitchen whilst simultaneously emphasizing selected areas of detailing within a kitchen.

These guidelines will assist you in achieving an overall impact and finish!