Any home renovation is a major undertaking. The thought of having strangers in your home for days on end can be unnerving, never mind the thought of mess, flying dust, and disruption.

But as anyone who has undergone a successful home renovation will tell you, the end results are well worth the sacrifices made. This couldn’t be more true than having a renovation crew in your home while renovating multiple areas of your home – like the kitchen and laundry area.

We know what you’re thinking: our house will be unliveable with two renovation projects happening within the same timeline! We promise you that it is possible and it will actually save you money for a number of obvious reasons:


1. The Renovation Crew Is Already On-Site

Every time you bring a renovation crew out for a new project, you can expect to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their time. 

Having the same reno crew there to renovate your kitchen and laundry room means having a group of experts there who are familiar with your home, your lifestyle, and your project. Our Team at Zesta Kitchens routinely finds ways for homeowners to save money on their kitchen and laundry room renovations by combining the two. Not only that, but the renovation team can work on both projects simultaneously, which will both save you money and cut down on the amount of time it will take to complete both projects.


2. There May Be Bulk Discounts for Materials

Homeowners will often use the same materials throughout the home to keep things consistent and to flow nicely. By planning both your kitchen and laundry room renovation at the same time, you can order the same cabinetry, benchtops, sinks, taps and more so that both rooms are congruent and complement one another.  

A perfect example of this is stone. The cost savings are in transport and installation. This is the stone can be delivered at the same time and also because both rooms can be installed at the same time. and guys to install as the benchtop suppliers will only need to attend job site once for both areas.


3. Plumbing and Electrical Needs Can Be Combined

Another money saver is when it comes to your home’s plumbing and electrical. If there are any needs for upgrades, both can be tackled at once, saving on call out fees, rather than needing to call out to a plumber and an electrician again a few years down the road when you’re ready to take on your next home renovation project.


4. If Relocation Is Necessary, It’s Done All At Once

Relocation isn’t always necessary during a renovation, especially for Zesta Kitchens and laundry renovation. Should you need to leave your home (or if you find it absolutely unbearable to be there) during renovations, then you won’t have to pay for two separate trips to a local hotel.


Did you know that Zesta Kitchens in Melbourne does more than just kitchens? Our design team has designed and built gorgeous laundries that are as functional as they are beautiful.

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