As any professional kitchen designer will tell you, timber is a favourite. Some believe it’s because wood represents quality construction and holds a sense of nostalgia, while others think it’s because natural materials create warmth and connection. Whatever the reason, we all agree that timber has a timeless appeal that complements any design style.

While timber is usually a luxury that’s beyond most people’s budget, it doesn’t need to be. Here are our top three ways to get the look of timber, for less.


Using a timber alternative

While engineered materials, like laminate, have long been considered inferior, many of the new products are almost indistinguishable from the ‘real thing’ – except for when it comes to price. The finish manufacturers can now achieve perfectly mimics the colour gradients and imperfections that make timber grains so beautiful.

Despite being one of the most budget-friendly options, laminate cabinetry – like that used in Zesta Kitchens’ Mondo range – is also one of the most hard-wearing. When properly maintained, it resists scratching and denting, making it a more practical option for families and people with pets. It’s also less susceptible to damage from sun exposure and will hold its colour more consistently than actual wood.  It is also more durable in moist environments such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.


Mixing materials

Often, it’s the contrast between materials that highlight their beauty. Offsetting with other textures and colours can help focus the eye on the wood. For example:

Complementing rich timber cabinetry with white stone benchtops creates a clean and minimalist Scandi look that highlights the brightness and vibrancy of the wood grain.

Contrasting a lighter timber benchtop against darker cabinetry creates a visual drama that enhances the depth and warmth of the wood.

Whatever approach you choose, the key to mixing materials is the ratio. If there isn’t enough timber, it will fail to impress; if there’s too much, it will dominate. Getting the balance right takes practice and an artful eye, which is why we always recommend consulting a professional kitchen designer for your kitchen.


High impact accents

If you are passionate about having real wood in your kitchen we recommend adding effect through accessories.

Using wooden accessories like the modern handles, open shelving and homewares like chopping boards, wooden knife blocks and even pendant lighting .

Want more information on getting the timber look you want at the price you need? Zesta Kitchens Designers are here to help. Our kitchen showrooms are conveniently located throughout Melbourne – in Nunawading and Richmond and we have a range of timber looks and ideas on display.