Who you choose to work with can have a major impact on your kitchen renovation experience. Pick a good company, and the process should be fairly stress-free, and the quality of work should be high. Pick a bad one, and you’ll most likely be over budget, and left with many regrets.

But how do you pick a good kitchen renovation partner? At first glance, most kitchen companies look fairly similar, offering similar services and using similar – if not the same – materials. Most will also use similar marketing techniques and make similar claims about why they are the best choice.

To help you cut through the spin, we want to share our advice on choosing the right kitchen renovation company. As part of this, we will explore what you should be looking for in a renovation partner. We will also outline the steps you should take when deciding whom you want to work with. 

What makes a good kitchen renovation company? 


Each kitchen renovation company will have their own way of doing things. That said, there are a few key things that almost all good companies do. This includes:

  • Guaranteeing their work: A good kitchen renovation company will take great pride in the quality of the projects they deliver. The best companies will show this by guaranteeing their work and offering a 10+ year warranty on their products.
  • Providing professional design support: A good kitchen renovation company will be committed to helping its clients develop unique designs tailored to their specific needs. The best companies employ experienced kitchen designers and offer sophisticated software like 3D design so you can see your final result in real life.
  • Managing their own manufacturing: A good kitchen renovation company will have an established supply chain and be able to guarantee delivery dates. The best companies manufacture most of their own products, further reducing the risk of delays and maintaining quality.
  • Allowing you time to consider their proposal: A good kitchen company will work with you to develop your design and provide a detailed quote based on that. The best companies believe in the quality of their service and won’t pressure you into signing a contract straight away.


How to pick the perfect renovation partner


With the above in mind, there are a few important steps you should take when choosing a kitchen renovation company. These are:

  1. Define your requirements and budget: Before you even begin researching kitchen renovation companies, spend some time thinking about the results you’re after. Being clear about what you want and how much you are willing to spend will help you shortlist suitable companies.
  2. Look around online: If you already have certain companies in mind, visit their websites, look through their portfolios, and check out their reviews. If not, Google is a good place to start – search for companies in your area and do the same checks.
  3. Visit showrooms: Once you have a shortlist of suitable companies, arrange to visit the team at their showroom. This will help you get a better sense of the quality of their products and how their team works.
  4. Request quotes: Finally, check the costs of working with each company by getting them to quote on your kitchen or laundry space. Take the time to review their contract in detail and ask as many questions to clarify so you know you are comparing the same quality and details.


Want to discuss this further?


If you’re still struggling to pick the perfect kitchen renovation partner, give Zesta Kitchens a call. We understand how important this decision is and can help you make an informed decision. We also offer complimentary design consultations and will be there with one on one service throughout your renovation.