Renovations might seem exciting at some times and daunting at others, but there’s one way of thinking about your renovation that we find helps. A renovation, especially in a room as important as a kitchen, should be thought of as an investment. 

First and foremost, it is an investment in your enjoyment and functionality of your home (if the kitchen you’re renovating is in the same house that you live in!). 

And second of all, it is an investment in a more traditional financial sense and can add significant value to your home. 

Why? Because the kitchen is arguably the first thing a home buyer looks at when they are assessing a home. A bad one can be a deal-breaker while a good one can conjure images of great dinner parties or having family over to celebrate special events.


Design Dilemma

So for such an important investment, it might make sense to get a professional designer on board. After all, when something is important and also likely to represent a significant sum of money invested, the goal should be to get it right the first time.

Having a professional can definitely help to achieve that goal. Someone who designs and plans kitchens day in, day out, is always going to be in a better position to spot possible pitfalls or suggest potential improvements than a non-experienced counterpart would ever be.


Designer Costs

But what often puts people off getting in touch with a designer is the belief that it will cost an arm and a leg. And that belief can be true in some cases but it’s a small cost when you consider the cost of a new kitchen. . 

Designers rates can vary significantly. Some designers don’t charge a fee, others charge a flat rate while others can charge an hourly rate, and those costs can add up quickly. We’ve heard of instances where a designer on an hourly rate comes back to the client with a bill for $3000! 

But that is hardly the norm. 

We’ve also seen that some designers charge a fee of around $250 to cover their time to create a plan and meet with you. In this instance, this will give you an initial indication of the best use of the space and helps kickstart the renovation process.  Some designers will even deduct the fee from the cost of the renovation if you decide to go ahead with them.

Others can even give some initial thoughts, plans and a quote for free, but the cost estimate may not be fixed as everything you want may not be included in the overall cost.  

So why is there such a big difference in design fees?


Things to Know About Designers

Design fees are generally a ‘sunk’ cost, meaning that they are non-refundable. When you view it from the designer’s point of view, that makes sense as they make their living via their ability to share ideas, and once those ideas are shared, they need to be able to charge for them. 

Design fees can cover a fairly wide range of things, and it always is a good tip to ask each designer what their scope of work is and what they include in a typical consult. A few things that typically are part of any design package are an initial consult, where the designer seeks to understand what you are trying to get from your space.

They will also typically help guide you in colour palettes, materials, and finishes within your chosen budget. This will be done after they have come up with a design concept and some plans that you are comfortable with ‘filling in’ with those details. Some designers will also want be involved with detailed selections like tapware and other accents.


Our Design Offer

At Zesta, we find that our clients like the idea of having an all in one solution at their fingertips (design, materials and an in-person showroom). 

That’s why we offer a free in-home design consultation so you can see what your renovated space would look like.

At the consultation, we’ll discuss your needs, wants, likes and dislikes as well as your budget. From there, we create a plan for your kitchen layout. Because everyone is not experienced at reading plans, we even show you a 3D rendered image of what your kitchen will look like to help you visualise what it will look like after it has been renovated. 

We find that when paired with our experienced staff and our showrooms, this really helps renovators visualise how their space could look, which in turn, helps them make any changes early in the process, so they get the exact result that they are after. 

To find out how our services can help you get the kitchen you want, with the help of our professional, experienced team, all you need to do is contact us. We’re here to help whether you want to speak with someone about your options, or have made some choices already but are feeling stuck. Call us on 1300 190 395 or book an appointment at one of our showrooms located in Nunawading or Richmond.