It’s official – when it comes to renovations, the kitchen sits on top of most homeowners’ hit list. According to a recent study by Houzz, of the 7,824 respondents to their survey, 26% said their 2018-19 renovation plans included an update of their kitchen. Given its position as the heart of the home, the popularity of kitchen renovations is hardly surprising.

The Houzz survey also found that the median cost of a kitchen renovation is on the rise – up 16% (to $20,000) on the previous year’s results. With this extra cash being splashed around, getting the design and functionality right is more important than ever. But how much extra does a professionally designed kitchen cost?


The designer difference


With a wide range of home design tools now available to anyone with a smartphone, engaging a professional designer may seem unnecessary. However, while most apps allow you to better visualise your new space, and some can even help with measurements and layouts, they generally only build on the ideas you already have.

The biggest benefit of working with a good Kitchen Designer is the wealth of experience they bring to the table. They can use everything they have learned throughout their career to help make sure your new kitchen is stylish and suits the way you live. They should also be able to challenge your ideas and open your eyes to different options.

From a practical standpoint, a professional designer should even be able to save you money, by minimising over-ordering and finding alternative finishes.


The designer price


How much your kitchen design costs will depend on a few things, like your designer’s experience and reputation, and the services they provide. For example, some Melbourne designers charge a flat fee of $250 for basic design advice, whereas others work on an hourly rate and can charge up to $3,000 for a full design service. Whatever the pricing structure, most designers’ fees are non-refundable, and you may be required to make payment upfront.

Alternatively, Zesta Kitchens offers free design service. The designs provided will generally be built around the specific kitchen styles, this can be a cost-effective way to get a designer finish.  You can also check out our Kitchen Pricing Calculator for an estimation on the kitchen style you like.


Want more information?


If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen and would like some professional design advice, give Zesta Kitchens a call. We’re experts in the design and delivery of high-quality, innovative kitchens and provide a free in-home design service. We also have showrooms conveniently located throughout Melbourne (in Nunawading, Cheltenham, and Richmond), where you can check out our full range.

We also recommend checking out our Gallery on our recently completed projects. In addition to getting a little extra inspiration for your new kitchen design, these case studies can help you better plan your renovation budget.