You may be wondering how long a kitchen renovation takes and what elements are involved, so here’s a guide to follow.

Firstly, good quality, well-planned kitchen renovations take time so it is essential they are not rushed.

From the initial showroom visit where you will view finishes and staff will help answer all questions an appointment is booked for a in-home design.  Once you are happy with your kitchen design and confirmed the design, the order is then placed with manufacturing and the process can be broken into the following.

The first stage is a notification on your expected delivery date of your kitchen components including cabinets, drawers and accessories which should take around two to three weeks. At this stage, you will also be informed on your Installer who co-ordinates all the trades including the Plumber, Electrician, Stonemason, Splashback and tilers.

The Installer should install your kitchen as quickly and efficiently as possible with the least amount of disruption possible. All trades are fully qualified and the Installer will begin by removing the old kitchen and then a “rough in” for electrical points and new pipes and wires can be fitted to the respective areas. The approximate timing of this will be two to three days or more if the kitchen size is larger.

Next, the Installer will alter walls or plaster work that may need to be done to make sure walls are straight to ensure a smooth fit for the kitchen as well as the important tiling or splashback, which would take another two days. This is an extremely important part of the process and if not done correctly can have implications for the kitchen fitting. Once plasterwork is complete the kitchen cabinetry will be installed another couple of days for this.

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Once the kitchen is in place the stonemason (if stone benchtops have been ordered), should come in and make a template of the kitchen benches so these can be made off-site to reduce the mess of extreme stone dust.

If the choice is splashback the trades will come in to measure the area and discuss colour choices before taking measurements away to make and return two to three weeks later to fit the splashback. If choosing tiles, the tiler will come whenever arranged after making a decision on tile choice. These finishing touches are also important to take time so the job will look first class at the end.

The plumber and Electrician will then finish off their fit offs before the benchtops are fitted two to three weeks following the template. It is important to note that good trades should clean up after themselves to leave your kitchen looking tidy after each stage.

The final stage to finish the kitchen once the tiling has completed is the painting. Some customers prefer to get their hands dirty and paint themselves otherwise we can recommend a painter for you to complete your final step.

Voila, a beautiful new kitchen to start cooking in and best of all no more mess after 5 – 6 weeks. All that’s left is to invite your family and friends over to show off your amazing kitchen!



Kitchen Renovation Mt Martha

Kitchen Renovation Mt Martha