As many interior designers will tell you, one of the most in-demand features in the kitchen at present is handleless cupboards. But are handleless kitchens as awesome as people seem to think? Are handles the way to go?

Why we love handleless kitchens

At Zesta Kitchens, we receive numerous requests from clients for our handleless kitchens – and we are happy to make that dream a reality. Here’s what we like about the handleless design:

1. A modern and timeless look

It’s easy for cabinetry to become dated over a matter of years. With handleless kitchens, your kitchen will retain its clean, timeless elegance thanks to its super sleek profile.

However, some kitchens with handles will date more than others.  You can often tell the age of a kitchen by looking at the handle. Even if you chose a timeless white kitchen, the colour, shape and edge of a handle is often a dead giveaway as to a kitchen’s age.

2. Complementary to integrated appliances

If you have modern appliances in your kitchen that have been integrated into its layout, handleless is the way to go. Its simplistic design can even suit older appliances, depending on their features.

3. A safer option

How many of us have snagged our clothing on drawer and cabinet handles? For young children, handles can be a safety hazard since they are at the same level as their heads. 

4. Great for small kitchens

Due to the limited space, handleless kitchens are a great option for kitchens that are space challenged. Handles take up extra space while handless kitchens don’t as they are integrated with the cabinet.

5. Less dust and grime on handles

Handleless kitchens will attract less dust than handled kitchens.

Handles tend to collect dust compared to handleless kitchens. The style of handle counts as well – vertical handles attract the least amount of dirt than those that are oriented horizontally as there is less surface area collecting crumbs.

Why we love handled kitchens

As much as we love handleless kitchens, handles certainly still have their place.

1. Easier access

There are a few different types of handleless designs, like “true” handleless and moulded finger pulls. But nothing will give you easier access than pulling on a handle to open drawers and cabinets. Some arthritis sufferers prefer handles as they find them easier to open.

2. Suits some finishes better

Some finishes such as matte black will show fingerprints so handles look more sleek than handleless kitchens.

3. Kinder to the wallet

A common misconception is that handled kitchens are more expensive than handleless – but the opposite is actually true.

Depending on the options you choose, a handleless kitchen can cost more than a conventional handled kitchen. This is because of the extra labour involved, the manufacturing process, and the cost of special hardware.

4. A cleaner look

If you have push to open or touch open handleless cabinets finger marks will be more prominent and the cabinets may need to be regularly wiped down.

Weighing the pros and cons

Deciding which type of kitchen is best will come down to a handful of factors:

  •         Budget
  •         Design
  •         Taste

Take some time to weigh your options here carefully. For instance, a handleless kitchen may initially cost more than a kitchen with handles. But also consider the fact that because of its timeless quality, a handleless kitchen may not need to be updated nearly as soon as a kitchen with handles.

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