Vegetables have always been an important part of a healthy diet and what better way to absorb all those vitamins and minerals than steaming at home in your kitchen.  Steaming is an ancient way of cooking vegetables using steam to gently cook food infusing flavours.  This method has been traditionally used in Asian countries for many centuries.  This was often done in a bamboo steamer and was also a traditional way of cooking fish and meat as well.

There is no doubt the modern way of steaming is much easier and half the mess with the steam oven used in today’s modern kitchens.

Steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular as it is quick and easy not to mention the health benefits of locking in the vitamins and minerals.  This is all achieved without the use of oils and fats that are often used in cooking in woks and other kitchen appliances.

Fresh Steamed Vegetables In Your New Kitchen

Veggies are not the only food you can cook in a steam oven.   Chef’s in kitchens worldwide love using steam ovens as it intensifies flavours whilst still maintaining the texture and colours that food groups offer. From fish to pizzas, pasta dishes even puddings and cakes which taste amazing.

Although steam ovens will not brown the food, this can be achieved if you choose a model that combines conventional cooking all in one.  These types of ovens are limited so you need to do your homework and research well prior to purchasing.

Finally, and maybe the best aspect of this kitchen appliance is the ‘no mess’ once your meal is steamed especially if you have a self cleaning steam oven.  So now you can stay healthy and enjoy your meals quicker and easier.