The Hampton-style kitchen is a classic and easily one of the most in-demand styles in Melbourne today. This style, which exudes a casual coastal-feel, is equally sophisticated and refined.


Designing a Hampton kitchen takes a lot of consideration. Classic shapes and natural lighting should both be incorporated into its beautiful design. Below are five additional steps to consider when planning your Hampton kitchen.


Step 1: The Colour Scheme


Hampton kitchens often feature a specific colour scheme such as white. One to note is that while the cabinetry can be any colour, the cabinets tend to be a lighter shade while the flooring is typically a darker wood. These create an eye-catching contrast which enhances the beauty of the space.

While white cabinetry is also a top contender, there are other colour choices available including blue or grey. 

Blue and grey are also attractive alternatives to white, and they reflect the colours of the ocean.


Step 2: Kitchen Storage


A traditional Hampton-style kitchen will have shaker-style cabinets (cabinets constructed with a frame around a panel). This style of cabinetry is beloved by many kitchen enthusiasts because of its durability and detailing.

Solid cabinets with doors or drawers that close aren’t your only option. A growing number of Hampton kitchens are incorporating open shelving into the design. In addition, instead of purely open shelves, they may also feature cabinets with glass door panels which gives the kitchen an open shelf look but protects everything inside from dust.  This gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to show off your favourite kitchenware and can help you keep kitchen items organised.


Step 3: The Benchtop


When it comes to benchtops, nothing beats the illuminating effects of a light or white marble. However, as marble is porous, it is more likely to stain. A great alternative and one that we recommend is stone-like Egger or Caesarstone. Many stone benchtops have styles with veins which give a similar look to marble. Because it is more affordable and resistant to stains, it makes it a top choice amongst kitchen enthusiasts.

An even more affordable alternative to stone is laminate. These days there are so many options and there are also some wooden look laminates available and this can be incredibly complementary in a Hampton-style kitchen. Laminate is also more durable than natural wood.


Step 4: The Splashback


There are more splashback options than ever for new kitchens. When it comes to Hampton kitchens, the leading choice is ceramic tiling.

Ceramic tiles are affordable, and they come in a variety of colours. You can also find them in varying shapes such as penny rounds, hexagonal, and square. The top trending choice for Hampton kitchens today is subway-style tiles.


Step 5: Your Personal Touch


There are a number of additional features you can add to your Hampton kitchen to make it look and feel more like you.

Lighting: Large pendant lighting is a top choice for this type of kitchen, though ceramic, metal and woven cane are also popular.

Seating: Adding wooden bar stools (like bentwood-style stools) to a kitchen island is a great way to make your kitchen more cosy and functional.

Personal Items: Quirky and meaningful items are a fantastic add-on for Hampton kitchens (extra points if it is coastal themed!).

Planning Your Hampton Kitchen in Melbourne with Zesta Kitchens


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