The Eurocucina has always been a trendsetting affair for European kitchen design, and this year, it was no different. Designers from all over the world convened in Milan recently for this week-long event, and shared some of the most cutting-edge kitchen layout and technologies to be found anywhere.

If there was one kitchen design trend that dominated in Milan this past month, it was style that took in to account the needs of all types of spaces from small to larger. The smaller kitchens found in most inner-city homes, both in Europe and abroad, create an interesting challenge for many, who must make use of appliances and layouts that reflect this reality, while retaining functionality and elegance.

Perhaps that best example trend is the almost complete lack of exposed handles on cabinets. Nearly all of the newer design examples incorporated a hidden or flush design, some with bevelled top edges fulfilling the role. The economy of space was further reflected with a new style of narrow island, one that could fit down the middle of even your most cramped space.

Another change came in contrast to the typical chrome tap, with a new emphasis on copper faucets and pipes taking precedence. This industrial styling was taken a step further with several kitchens incorporating the ‘exposed concrete’ colouration, perhaps a new reference to the exposed brick of older warehouse-style apartments in the inner city.

But none of this was to suggest a drab look: while practicality reigned supreme, there was an overall elegance to the design here. Layered wooden benchtops added warmth to the overall view in many designs, while accents and labour-savers brought creative elements into view.

In all, Eurocucina will lend inspiration to us at Zesta Kitchens, as our designers adopt winning elements from Milan in to our upcoming designs. Watch for them!