When it comes to kitchen renovations, cabinetry can cost, on average, $15,000 and benchtops can cost $6,000 but the costs can vary depending on style, materials and size.

Does a kitchen renovation add value? Yes! But while the cost might seem high, it is small compared to the return you get from your investment in terms of your home’s overall value.

If you put effort into transforming your kitchen, you’re sure to see a high ROI when it comes to your home’s value, whether you’re buying or selling the property.

If you’re trying to strategically increase your home value without overcapitalising, you need to be strategic in how you spend your budget. 

A good rule of thumb is not to spend more than 15% of your home’s value. This is where you need to be careful about how you allocate funds for each part of the renovation project.

Anything that improves the flow, functionality and storage of a kitchen will add enormous value. Here you need to think about benchtop space, kitchen storage and kitchen layout 


New Benchtops


Kitchen benchtops are where you do all the food preparation in your kitchen. They also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room. 

Adding a large benchtop for that not only provides a space for food preparation but also entertaining will add more value if the benchtops in your current kitchen lack this functionality. 

In terms of materials, consider a beautiful stone quartz if your budget allows or if it is expected in the location you are in. Laminate benchtops can offer you a budget-friendly option that is virtually stain-resistant and maintenance-free.


New Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinets are another detail that contributes to both the function and aesthetic of the kitchen design. 

New kitchen cabinets are one of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen. Layouts that improve the flow and functionality of your kitchen are where you should focus most of your attention and budget. 

Adding more storage will also help improve value if this is limited in your current kitchen. There are many simple options to improve storage in hard to reach places like corner cabinets these days. Including drawers instead of doors can also increase your available storage space.

Apart from storage, consider your style when choosing the face of cabinet doors. They should be consistent with the style of the home. 

Hampton-style cabinets often work better in a more traditional home. However, more modern cabinet doors are flat, providing a sleek look. We have plenty of styles you can view in person at our kitchen showroom in Melbourne.


Stylish Splashback


The kitchen splashback is the perfect opportunity to add style and personality. Use tiles to add colour, texture, and pattern to the space. You also have to consider the material the tiles are made from. Some materials are less expensive than others but allow you to get the same look so you can manage your budget accordingly.. 

 Go traditional and timeless with ceramic tiles. Create visual interest by choosing tiles shaped like hexagons, triangles, or arabesques. And don’t be afraid of brighter, more vivid colours like blues and greens.


So, What Adds the Most Value?


When it comes to a kitchen renovation, adding functionality, flow, and aesthetics will add the most value. Cabinets and their layout can help improve the flow and they aid both functionality and aesthetics. Improving upon these features will make your kitchen easier to work in as well as add value to your home.

Updating the cabinets, benchtop, and splashback will also contribute to the overall function of the room and therefore add the most value.


Does a Kitchen Renovation Add Value? Absolutely!


Kitchens see a lot of traffic throughout the whole day. It’s a room that everyone in the house uses and can take on a lot of wear and tear from the continued action. Having quality cabinets and fittings will extend the life of your kitchen and further improve your ROI.

So if there’s one room that you’re going want to focus your energy on a remodel, it’s the kitchen. So does a kitchen renovation add value to your home? Absolutely!

Updating your kitchen is a great way to make your home more functional and increase property value.

Considering a kitchen renovation for your home? Your dream kitchen can become a reality, so let’s work together. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today!