Corner cabinets in the kitchen are notoriously troublesome. Not only are they awkwardly positioned, but they also tend to be too narrow, too dark, and too deep to access easily.

Fortunately, your kitchen corner cabinet doesn’t have to be a problem. With just a few of the simple yet creative solutions below, you’ll be able to give your corner cabinets a more meaningful purpose in a room that is always in need of more space.


Install a Diagonal Pantry 


An easy solution this far too common problem is to install one or more diagonal cabinets. While you will be losing a bit of space by positioning a cabinet this way, everything you need will be within arm’s reach rather than you needing to teeter on tip-toe (or grab a step ladder) to see and snag kitchen items.


Combine Forces


Circular Lazy Susans have been the ideal solution to corner cabinets in kitchens for decades. However, these days lazy susans are not just circular. The Le Mans Lazy Susans fits the shape of the cabinet and pull out from the “blind corner.” 

The benefit of these units is that they remove the divide between the two corner cabinets and “swing-out” in and out of the deep, dark corner cabinet space, making the items you store there easy to grab when you need them.


Get Rid Of It


If you’re designing a new kitchen for your home, one solution is to simply get rid of the corner altogether. 

If changing your kitchen layout is an option, consider the galley kitchen layout – no more wasted corners. 

You could also consider ending the overhead cabinets at the wall instead of wrapping the cabinets around the adjacent corner.

Another option is to use shelving instead of cabinetry. By using shelves in the corners, everything is easy to see and readily available for you to grab.


Explore Alternative Solutions


If you already have corner cabinetry or have it worked into your kitchen design plans, there are clever ways to make everyday items work to make accessing your corner cabinet items easier. Apart from the Lazy Susan we mentioned above, some other ideas include using the area for trash and recycling bins. This would be particularly useful if you do not have pull out waste bins built into your kitchen.

There are lots of kitchen accessories available to help reduce corner space waste as improve the functionality of your kitchen. You can learn more in our article about kitchen accessories.


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