Melbourne is the most liveable city rated such in both 2017 and 2018. So for many Melbournites their kitchen is the focal point of living! When it comes to kitchen design in this cosmopolitan city, the traditional kitchen style has never really lost its appeal. Fitting perfectly with the overarching theme of Melbourne being fashionable, timeless, and trendy, these classic styles of kitchens are always a great choice.

Many homes in Melbourne still have their original kitchens, making them the perfect starting point for a renovation. Other kitchens are brand new and built from scratch, giving a completely blank canvas to design a kitchen that looks like it stepped out from a more stylish bygone age. Whichever option you have, there are plenty of ways to make the traditional Melbourne kitchen come to life in your home.

The Appeal of Traditional Kitchens

When you stroll through the streets of Melbourne, whether it’s in the bustling city or one of the neighboring suburbs, you’ll definitely feel that classic vibe. The traditional kitchen is something that fits so perfectly with this style, and lets homeowners use the foundations that are already in their home to build something even more amazing.

Traditional kitchens are often high in nostalgic value, which makes them especially appealing. When you’re looking to renovate your home but don’t want to lose the classic touches, a kitchen remodel is something that can certainly be done with style. On the other hand, you can build a new kitchen from scratch that has a traditional look so even if you own a newer home there’s no need to miss out on this timeless appeal.

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How to Give Your Kitchen the Classic Look

Whether you’re building an entirely new kitchen or renovating your old one to keep some of the classic touches, there are some simple things you can do to keep it traditional. Consider these options when speaking to your Zesta kitchen expert and let them know your dreams for a traditional Melbourne kitchen.

  • Appliances: There are now modern appliances made to look like vintage pieces that can give your kitchen a timeless look.
  • Finishes: Anything simple and traditional like quartz and stone can help with that old-time style.
  • Shelving: Unique multi-shelved styling is a common look in the traditional kitchen.
  • Tapware: Classic looks such as chrome and brass tapware are easy ways to give the kitchen a nostalgic appeal.

Employing a range of tiles, splashbacks and paint will help to bring the traditional look together in your kitchen and give it an instant classic look. When all of these elements work together and are designed by a kitchen designer and team of professionals, it’s simple to achieve.

Speak to the kitchen professionals To Make Your Kitchen Dreams A Reality

If you’re after inspiration or ideas on how to achieve your dream kitchen, the team at Zesta Kitchens is here to help. We invite you to contact us today on 1300 100 555 or if you know what finish you like and are ready for a kitchen then book a kitchen consultation so we can design a kitchen for your space.