The major transformation Collingwood has gone through over the last few decades is truly astounding. Not that long ago, it was considered a real blue-collar area and known for its many industrial sites. But nowadays, it’s home to some of Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods and seen as the heart of the city’s cultural scene.

A lot of this change has been driven by the area’s commitment to great design and unique sense of style. The local property market is dominated by repurposed industrial buildings that proudly display their gritty, rugged heritage. This is usually matched with sleek, contemporary interiors that provide all the modern comforts and conveniences.

As such, Collingwood has become particularly popular with people looking to rejuvenate a property, tailoring it to their unique needs. If you are one such homeowner, or just want to update your Collingwood kitchen, Zesta Kitchens can help. We’re across the latest kitchen design ideas and can help create a space that suits your style and your property.

Why choose Zesta Kitchens?

With over 70 years of experience, Zesta Kitchens is a true leader in the kitchen industry. We specialise in providing high-quality products and creating affordable modern kitchen designs. Whether you want to be right on trend, to keep it classic, or are after something totally unique, we can help.

Here are just a few of the things that set Zesta Kitchens apart:

  • We’re local: All Zesta Kitchens products are designed and manufactured here in Melbourne. We also work with a network of experienced local tradespeople to deliver every part of our Collingwood kitchen renovation projects.
  • We specialise in delivering high-quality kitchen designs: We’re passionate about good design and take great pride in the quality of our work. We’re also experts in the renovation process and can help you schedule and manage all of your planned updates.
  • We focus on affordability: We believe that good value doesn’t have to mean cheap and have options to suit most price points. Our experienced team also specialises in working with limited renovation budgets and coming up with creative, cost-effective design solutions.
  • Our 10-year guarantee: All Zesta Kitchen products are manufactured using high-quality materials and are backed by our 10-year warranty. We’re also committed to ‘On Time’ delivery and will provide you with a guaranteed completion date for all renovation works.
  • Our advanced design technology: We understand how hard it can be to picture how design decisions will work together. That’s why we use the latest design software to create detailed 3D visualisations.
  • Our personalised service: Our team will be available to answer questions and discuss options throughout your kitchen renovation. You can also come into our Richmond kitchen showroom, which is open seven days a week, for a free design consultation.

Is it time to update your Collingwood kitchen?

If you’re ready to start planning your dream kitchen, give Zesta Kitchens a call. Our team of kitchen experts will work with you to tailor a design to your specific tastes and requirements. Then we’ll help you bring that vision to life, supporting you every step of the way.