A Guide to Saving on Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can be quite an expensive exercise. There’s the cost of the new materials, the trades to install them, and potentially even new appliances. All of this adds up quickly. With that in mind, it’s only reasonable to look for potential savings. Keeping the cost down could allow you to think bigger – or possibly even undertake any work at all. And really, why should you spend more than you actually need to? The good news is, savings don’t have to come at the cost of look, feel, or finish. With a little careful planning, you can create the beautiful kitchen you want for the price you need. You just need to know what to focus your spending on. Here we look at some of the best ways to save while renovating your kitchen without compromising the final product! Set a realistic budget – and stick to it! Read More

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Ringwood North Kitchen Renovation

The owners of this beautiful Ringwood North home were seeking a modern kitchen transformation. They wanted a stylish user-friendly space that the whole family could use. The clients first discovered Zesta Kitchens when they were visiting neighbours. The neighbours had used Zesta for their kitchen renovation and they were able to view the quality and experience. They say word of mouth is always the best referral so they headed off to the Nunawading Showroom. The Team and Paul (Designer), worked diligently to assist the clients in choosing modern products that would satisfy. Here is an example how colour can transform a kitchen to a light filled space. The importance of the 3D design highlighted the different options. This was integral for a satisfied visual result. The final choice of streamlined cabinetry provides the modern touch and blends with the rest of the home. The feature overheads Mondo Rural Oak, creates Read More

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How Much Value Does a New Kitchen Add?

We’ve all heard the old adage that kitchens (and bathrooms) sell homes. While this “rule” remains largely true, how your kitchen impacts the saleability of your home is a little more complex.  As a focal point of the modern home, the kitchen is one of the things potential buyers pay the most attention to. It’s seen as central to the overall design and often used to make a statement about the homeowner’s style. It’s also a key practical feature and is likely to be one of the most used parts of the property.  That being said, kitchens are also one of the main spaces new homeowners choose to renovate. Whether they have specific requirements, or just want to add their own touches, many buyers are open to doing a post-purchase kitchen update. While this will usually be factored into their offer, it does mean that a new kitchen is not Read More

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What is the most efficient kitchen shape?

When designing a kitchen, the layout is one of the biggest decisions you need to make. While this is often guided by the shape of the kitchen area, you should also consider how to use the space most efficiently. This is particularly true if you are working with limited space as usability and storage will be at a premium. The good news is some kitchen shapes are better suited to certain areas. Certain shapes will also better fit your requirements and working style. Here we explore the different kitchen shapes and how to choose the best one for your home.   What are the main kitchen shapes? While each kitchen design will vary slightly, the overall shape will fall into one of four general categories: One Wall  This is the simplest layout, with all the cabinetry placed along a single wall. This shape is most popular in smaller properties (e.g. Read More

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Templestowe Kitchen Renovation

Like many homes in the North East of Melbourne, this Templestowe gem was ripe for renovation. Like many older homes, this kitchen was functional but in desperate need of modernisation. As a long, narrow space, the design needed to be carefully considered to maximise usability. There was a distinct lack of storage that needed to be addressed. Initially, the client indicated that they would like to build a butler’s pantry to allow easy clean-up and storage. However, based on the size and shape of the kitchen area, Paul (our Nunawading Designer) advised against this, noting it would close off the room. An extra wall would also need to be built, further restricting the area and eating into valuable floor space. As an alternative, Paul suggested embracing the length of the space with a traditional galley-style design. This would help maintain the open feel the client was after while still providing Read More

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Making the Most of the COVID Bump for your kitchen renovation

Over the last year, our homes have become our sanctuary in almost every sense of the world. This has made many acutely aware of the need to have a space that suits all their needs. And, with luxuries like international travel off the cards, for now, people are choosing to invest in upgrading their property. This phenomenon is so widespread that it’s actually been given a name – the COVID bump. This refers to the bolstering the real estate and home renovation industries have received over the last few months. It also represents the perfect market conditions for bringing your dream home to life – either by renovating or moving. Here we explore the best ways to capitalise on the COVID bump.   2021: The year of renovations   Despite initial fears that COVID would cause a dip in home renovations, the numbers suggest there has actually been a bit Read More

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Kitchen Colour Trends for 2021

Just like our culinary palette, our taste in kitchen design is constantly evolving. Every year there are new must-have tools, appliances, and finishes. Even the layout of the ‘dream kitchen’ changes regularly, as certain features fall in and out of style. This is particularly true when it comes to kitchen colour schemes. Pulling inspiration from everything from fashion to industrial design, the latest ‘hot colour’ seems to change with the season. This can make creating a beautiful, on-trend kitchen quite tricky. Thankfully, the experts here at Zesta have got you covered. Our designers love staying up to date on the latest styles and are always happy to share their insights. Here are their tips for the hot kitchen colours for 2021.  Embracing the beauty of nature One of the biggest trends our designers are seeing is a shift to a more natural colour scheme. Some experts believe this a reaction Read More

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Croydon Kitchen Renovation

  This Croydon home before renovation was an example of the pine timber kitchens that became ever popular in the 90’s. Although built solidly, the kitchen looks dark and dated and the use of open shelving leaves the appliances exposed looking cluttered in the space. It’s not surprising when the client’s first purchased this stunning home it was one of the areas that they quickly dived in to renovate. Once Paul, Nunawading Designer visited the clients in their home he could immediately understand the desire for renovation. Such a large, open plan however there were a few elements the clients wanted to rectify in the new design. Firstly, the layout although open displayed an unsightly support wall which interrupted the flow through the kitchen space. Also, the space between the island bench and the walls was narrow not ideal for the flow through to the adjacent laundry. Secondly, hiding the Read More

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Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

These days, a great kitchen design is as beautiful as it is practical. It is a statement of the homeowner’s personal style and helps set the look and feel of the whole home. It also needs to be able to adapt as tastes change, balancing current trends and classic style. Given the constant evolution of kitchen design trends, this is no mean feat. Every year, there are new fashionable features, chic colour schemes, and must-have materials. Keeping across these takes time and designing a space that incorporates the latest looks can be tough. To help you with this, our design experts have shared what they think will be hot in the kitchen in 2021.   Our Top Tip For 2021   According to our experts, in 2021, we’re likely to see a number of key kitchen design trends continue. Specifically, they predict the following will be popular. Thin benchtops: Over Read More

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The Biggest Decisions You Need to Make When Renovating Your Kitchen

When planning your kitchen renovation, there are many decisions to be made. So many, in fact, that the whole process can feel quite overwhelming. However, while there is a lot to think through, you shouldn’t let this discourage you. When done right, the result is unquestionably worth it. Not only will you have a beautiful new kitchen, but there will also be such a sense of accomplishment, knowing you had a hand in creating it. Successfully tackling your renovation decision-making is all about breaking it into manageable chunks. To help you with this, we’ve outlined the three main ‘groups’ of choices you will need to make.   Your layout and any special requirements   Right at the start of your planning process, think about why you want to renovate and what you hope to achieve. For example, are there major functional issues you need to address? Or is your kitchen Read More

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